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I was excited to see a new Mexican restaurant open on the corner of 200 South and 30o West.  SLC has a few “great” Mexican restaurants in places like Red Iguana, Alamexo, and Frida Bistro, but what seems like hundreds of pretty average ones.  We can add Chile Tepin to the list of great ones.  The location is fantastic, just a block a way from the Gateway Mall on 200 South and a few doors down from Finca, Chile Tepin has a great building with lots of parking space to the South of the restaurant, a space shared with Toscanos and Caputo’s Deli.

We had a group of 6 on a Friday night, and even though the restaurant was packed, we didn’t have to wait for a table very long.  One thing I do have to say for Chile Tepin is that the service and people there are absolutely second to none.  At no point did I feel like I was eating at a restaurant, it felt like I was eating at their home.  The warmth and friendliness of the staff was fantastic.  And while I don’t like to necessarily “review” a restaurant based on service, because it is constantly changing, you can always get attended by someone on their “off” night, but I think the ownership is committed enough to service, that it is worth mentioning.  Chile Tepin is definitely family friendly.

multi colored tortilla chips and salsa

multi colored tortilla chips and salsa

Chile Tepin gets playful with the token chips and salsa that come to each table.  The inner foodie in me won’t be swayed one way or another with multi colored chips, I just care that they taste good, and are good for dipping in salsa, but the kids appreciate the colors.  Not pictured here was also our guacamole appetizer that we ordered.  What more can I say about a good plate of guacamole, besides being good for you, avocados are delicious.

In lieu of us ordering a bunch of individual plates, we decided to get two of Chile Tepin’s family style platters.


It was a solid sharing platter.  Even the tortillas on the end had some tasty bean and cheese concoction that made it simple yet tasty.  The shrimp was a standout and both the meat and chicken juicy.



I’ve tried a few different molcajete options throughout the valley.  If not done right, the meat can believe it or not dry out.  Chile Tepin does a few things here I really like.  First of all the queso fresca or ranchera that they provide is a nice touch, because you can combine that with your meat to make a good taco.  Molcajete’s are stone cauldrons used to marinate meat.  It has a lot of the same elements as the other platter, but this one marinates in a chile verde sauce.  This is a good choice if you are dining with your family and want to share a plate.

Fried ice cream

Fried ice cream

I wanted to end the evening with something sweet.  The fried ice cream wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it was good enough to cap off the meal.

Everyone in our group enjoyed their meal, even my kids.  Chile Tepin is a welcome addition to the SLC Mexican restaurant lineup.

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