Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade

Sweet Lake Biscuits and Gravy

Sweet Lake Biscuits and Gravy

Sweet Lake Biscuits and Gravy.  With a name like that you can’t help but try them out.  Biscuits and Gravy are the ultimate breakfast comfort food and who doesn’t like a good artisan limeade with unique and fun flavor combinations?  I first heard SLB&G by some pictures that were floating around the interwebs.  I’m easily enticed by pictures of good-looking food, and it was just within my lunch range for me to head over and check them out.

Sweet Lake was packed around 1 PM which is always a really good sign.  They actually close around 2:30 PM so they specialize in breakfast and lunch, and they serve both throughout the day.  Here are a few pictures of the lunch and breakfast menus:

I love the tag line on the menus; Hot Biscuits, Cold Limeade, Fresh Salads.  Yep good enough for me.  For breakfast they have several types of biscuits to choose from with varying degrees of flavor and fixins’  For lunch they also use the biscuit as the medium, but then add more traditional lunch ingredients for a breakfast/lunch fusion offering.  I had a hard time deciding between the Hoss breakfast, or the Burger Biscuit, so I decided to start with the breakfast, and just had to settle for coming back to try the other.


I was outside on the patio so it’s not the best of pictures, but I think you can still get a sense for what is going on here.  You have a biscuit with an insane about of stuff inside.  The biscuit sits on a bed of delicious sausage gravy, then there is a huge fried chicken cut topped with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg.  What?!!!

Cucumber Melon Limeade

Cucumber Melon Limeade

The limeade was good with some melon and cucumber infusion on the inside.  I just don’t know if it was $5 good.  The other limeades on the menu were $4 or less, but I do have to hand it to them that it did taste freshly squeezed.

On my way out I asked my waitress if I could snap a picture of one of the salads before she took it out, and she obliged.  Salads look pretty legit too.


So overall impressions were very solid for my first trip.  The food was great, the gravy was great, the biscuits were on point.  The cost was pretty good besides the limeades being a bit steep.  There were some really good-looking cookies at the counter by the front door that to this second, I don’t know how they survived with me not buying one.  The ambiance and decor were both great.  Nice clean-looking place and close to downtown.  My only minuses were the limeade costs, and also the fried chicken’s breading was a bit too thick, and it felt like the oil where they fried it was a tad bit too hot.  I think small details like that can be worked out.  You can this is the case by looking at the salad and how the breading came apart when they cut into the chicken.  It tasted okay in the middle but they lose some presentation points.

To cap it off, definitely more pluses than minuses so this place for sure goes into my rotation.  Can’t go wrong with delicious breakfast comfort food.

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