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China Grill

China Grill

Strolled on in to China Grill in Cottonwood Heights a few months ago for a quick Chinese lunch.  Chinese Grill is located off of Van Winkle near Snyder’s Meat Market and The Store.  Upon first glance there isn’t a whole lot of excitement or anything that would entice the hungry lunch seeker to enter.  Being that it has close proximity to my work, I found it important to properly review everything in my turf, so I rolled the dice here.

There were a few people inside eating lunch, the dining room itself is pretty straightforward.  A few decorations here and there to let you know you are in a Chinese restaurant, but nothing much more than that.  I picked up the menu and looked for but did not find my go-to Chinese food dish, the General Tsao’s chicken but didn’t see it in the lunch special area.  Luckily the waitress/owner told me they would make it for me anyway, so I went with that dish.

General Tsao's Chicken Lunch Special

General Tsao’s Chicken Lunch Special

Chinese Grill gives you a pretty dish plate of food pictured above for your lunch.  Most Chinese lunch specials in the valley come with a small cup of egg drop soup, a side of egg rolls or creme cheese wonton, and then your main dish along with rice.  I did enjoy that they gave a plate of wonton chips to go with the meal, and I was surprised to find 4 creme cheese wontons instead of just 2.  The food was decent and well prepared.  Good flavors in the chicken.  The fried rice was okay.

I wouldn’t put this place ahead of Dragon Diner which isn’t that far away, but its good for those in a pinch with a hankering for some Chinese flavor.  The best thing about this was I walked out with lunch paid for including tip for only $8.02.  That is extremely tough to do for a sit down lunch place, so if you need somewhere for under $10 then this is a good option.

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