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It only took one look at the menu to decide to place an order. 4 different flavors of calzones and something called a Wookie?  I rolled the dice on Mama Z’s a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to report it they were delicious.

Calzones in general are an interesting breed to me.  Definitely a cousin of the pizza, they are pizza dough pockets of toppings.  They can either be really good or really lame in my opinion.  For example if the crust is over baked, or there is too much crust, they can be rather bland.  I really appreciated the extra sauce that Mama Z’s gives with their calzones because I love to dip stuff in sauces.  Anyways here is a pic.

Italian Calzone

Italian Calzone

So I give these calzones 4/4 stars on my little calzone rating scale I just invented in my head.

Category 1 – dipping sauce.  At least the Italian calzone came with two big cups, so you are not in danger of running out of sauce before you are done with the calzone.  Everyone hates that right?  Think of the small nacho cheese cups that come with your theatre nachos.  What happens when you run out of cheese before chips?  Its a situation no one really wants to be in.

Category 2 – crust.  They brush it with a yummy butter and seasoning concoction.  The dough is firm enough to hold the fillings but light enough to be an enjoyable bite.

Category 3 – crust to topping ratio.  Yes this is a category.  Calzones that fall too far on either side of the pendulum can be inedible.  For example too much crust and not enough filling, you are eating just dough.  Too much toppings, then the calzone just becomes a mess, with unmelted cheese likely in the center.  You have to strike a perfect balance.  For a food truck fare, what I really like about these is how easily I was able to handle the calzone and dip it in the sauce.  It worked beautifully.

Category 4 – toppings/fillings. These calzones had really good flavor.  Lots of good meat, with the sliced Italian sausage on the inside.  I lament not taking a picture of how it looked inside so you could get a better sense of what you are dealing with.

I would go back to Mama Z’s.  Put them in a food truck circle along with SLC food truck heavyweights Cupbop or Fat Kid Mac n Cheese, I would pay money to see that battle.  I’m also intrigued by the Wookie and some of the other offerings they have.  Find them on Facebook here for a schedule of where they will be.


  1. Thanks for the review! You’ll have to try our other flavors – the Italian is just the introductory calzone. Did you know you can get two different halves and try two kinds at once? And the Wookie…. hope to see you again soon!

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      Would love to try them Karen. Also if you have any pictures of the other flavors, would love to post them here. Send them to me


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