A few doors down from famous Mexico City restaurant Pujol is Eno.  I’m not the best with Mexico City history and I don’t know how long Eno has been doing business, but one of my friends in D.F comes here for breakfast at least once a week.  And of course when we talk about breakfast in Mexico, there is a chance they do chilaquiles, so of course I am there!



Molletes Eno Mexico City


They have this genius breakfast item there which is basically like wedding bells going off in your mouth.  They take a french bread loaf and bake some black beans and then 3 different types of cheese on top.  It was so genius, and I’ve never had anything quite like it before.



I’m a little saddened that this picture doesn’t show the chilaquiles well enough.  I ordered a nice helping of scrambled eggs on my bowl of chilaquiles and as you can see here, Eno takes care of you.  Chilaquiles are tortilla strips fried and sautéed in either red or green chili sauce and usually garnished with cheese, onion, and or creme.  If I could marry chilaquiles, I would.




Finally, Eno was the only place that served this, but after one cup, I fell in love.  Atole to me is like a hot version of horchata, or in layman’s terms what your milk tastes like after eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  You can read more about it here, it contains hominy masa traditionally.  The atole at Eno was  atole amarento.  Wikipedia says it is often served around Christmas time, which was appropriate, because it was a gift in my mouth!  Check out the Eno menus here as well as locations.

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