Dulcinea Polanco Mexico City


Dulcinea is located in the Polanco area of Mexico City and more specifically the Polancito area of Polanco.  It’s a trendy hipster area of town with a good gastronomic vibe.  One place in particular that I visited twice last month was Dulcinea, an indoor/outdoor eatery open for both breakfast and lunch.

Dulcinea Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating at Dulcinea

We had some lovely weather during our breakfast, so we sat outside.  The only downside was being approached at least 6-7 times to buy who knows what from people selling things on the street.  “You know I’m sitting down here for breakfast, but I was just thinking to myself how nice it would be to purchase a huge ceramic pot with a cactus inside, I’m so glad you stopped by”  Secret here is to avoid eye contact.  Eyes on your plate!

fresh baked goods

Fresh baked goods

I hadn’t planned on ordering this delicious cinnamon muffin, but a nice gal from Dulcinea brought a platter filled with baked wonders so I had no choice but to order one.  They have a nice bakery operation going on.

French Toast Dulcinea Mexico City

French Toast

My colleague had this plate, and while I didn’t taste any of it, it apparently was delicious.  I of course was in Mexico so all of my meals had to be Mexican… so I went with the Chilaquiles!!!

Chilaquiles Dulcinea Mexico City

Chilaquiles Dulcinea

One of my favorite meals is breakfast, and I love Mexican food, so Mexican breakfast is near the top of my pyramid of foods I love.  The crown jewel of that pyramid has to be the chilaquiles.  I don’t know of a single place in Utah that does Chilaquiles even remotely as good as any of the places in Mexico.  Most places here even have the audacity of using tortilla chips out of bag, and they think that is chilaquiles.  No it is not!  Real chilaquiles are freshly made chips sautéed in either green or red chili sauce and then garnished with crema.  My bowl here I ordered with some eggs and chicken.  This plate was phenomenal.  It has so many textures and flavors and they all married perfectly together.

You can read more about Dulcinea here.  There are 3 different locations in Mexico City with restaurants in Roma and Sante Fe as well.  If you want a great breakfast, look no further!

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