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Enjoy Chinese Cuisine in West Jordan

Enjoy Chinese Cuisine in West Jordan

There is nothing overtly flashy about Enjoy Chinese Cuisine in West Jordan.  The building wasn’t ornate or posh, in fact, Enjoy is located in a strip mall off of 7800 in suburbia West Jordan.  However, the title of the restaurant “Enjoy” might be the best word to describe it.  I “enjoyed” Enjoy during my lunch stop here a few hours ago.

The total bill for my lunch special, which the restaurant offers between 11 am and 3 pm was $6.10 including tax.  That’s quite the deal for a lunch.  My service was quick, and the building, tables, and restaurants were all clean and in shape.  I couldn’t think of a single thing that went wrong during my meal.

The lunch special consists of your choice of soup, egg roll or creme cheese wonton, rice, and protein.  I went with the General’s Tso’s chicken, ham fried rice, wonton, and egg drop soup.

Egg Drop Soup at Enjoy

Egg Drop Soup at Enjoy

I’m not a huge fan of egg drop soup to be perfectly honest.  There is a reason why it is offered essentially free as part of your meal.  It is just a simple broth soup to prepare your palate for your meal.  The soup was good for egg drop soup standards.

General Tso's Chicken at Enjoy in West Jordan

General Tso’s Chicken at Enjoy in West Jordan

One overarching compliment I can pay to this dish was that it was not in any way greasy at all.  The ham fried rice didn’t even taste “fried”, neither did the creme cheese wonton.  That was a big plus for me.  I can’t think of a smaller margin of error for a cuisine than Chinese food.  If the chef doesn’t know what they are doing, or perhaps use bad technique and poor ingredients, the food can end up being disgusting.  This plate of food was fresh and tasty, and I when I stood up from my chair after my meal, it was to go out to my car, and not the restroom.  The flavor of the General Tso’s chicken was decent, but I prefer the way they do it at Dragon Diner a bit more.

Overall, I was very happy with Enjoy.  I enjoyed it very much and would be back if and when I’m in West Jordan.  Thumbs up!

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