Bandit’s American Grill

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Bandit's American Grill

Bandit’s American Grill

Bandit’s American Grill is a welcome addition to the Old Mill area of Holladay.  Serving both the Corporate offices of the area, as well as the ski crowd heading up to the resorts for the winter, it certainly is nice to have another sit down service place for lunch close by.  Bandit’s stays true to their name and offers “American” fare with steaks, sandwiches, salads, and BBQ items.

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The dining room

The dining room

The dining room was large and cozy.  It didn’t feel crowded, and it was not overly noisy.  We brought along our 2-year-old and didn’t have any issues with waiting for a table, or getting a high chair.

Tri Tip Steak Salad

Tri Tip Steak Salad

My wife went with the steak salad.  She loved it.  The steak had a nice barbecue flavor, and the salad was delicious.  It was very easy to eat, and it was large enough for either lunch or dinner.

My son's Mac and Cheese

My son’s Mac and Cheese

For my two-year old we ordered him some Mac & Cheese from the kids menu.  I found the prices to be a little high for a children’s menu, but if I would have known how good the mac and cheese was, I definitely would have ordered it as a side for my meal.  It was fantastic.

Here is where my review is going to go on a slight tangent, because I went with the steak nachos pictured below.

Steak Nachos

Steak Nachos

These were some of the better nachos I’ve had recently.  They rival the Porcupine Pub’s nachos which is just up the road about a mile from Bandit’s.  At work we had an interesting debate about what is the better eating experience, Nachos or Chips and Queso?  Allow me to break it down for you.


  • The cheese on nachos tends to glob together after a few minutes, making it tough to eat.
  • Nachos typically have more toppings than queso, but getting that perfect chip with all flavors can be a challenge.
  • Nachos aren’t as easy to share with large groups because everyone has to get their fingers in there.
  • There are a lot of just blank chips, making it a mixed eating experience.  Some bites are good, others are either bland, or you get 3-4 chips together.

Chips and Queso:

  • Typically not as many topping/cheese flavors as nachos and not as aesthetically pleasing.
  • Functionally much easier to eat.
  • Each bite you control the cheese content, meaning you don’t have any sub-par bites.
  • Easier to share, and less shared germs, unless you are one of those double-dippers.
  • Taking it home and reheating, much easier than nachos, because you keep the chips separate and out of the microwave.

I’ve noticed a trend in restaurants, where more and more places are going with a chips and queso or queso fundido (Taqueria 27, Frida Bistro) approach in lieu of nachos.  I personally like the chips and queso more, but with that said I really liked these nachos.

I’ve never been a fan of beans in nachos, for example, when I get them from Cafe Rio or Costa Vida, I always sub out the beans for the lime rice.  Rice doesn’t soggy up the chips like the beans, plus they add good flavor.  These beans however, were BBQ baked beans, and gave a really good BBQ/smoked flavor to the nachos as a whole.  These nachos were put together really well and weren’t as much of a hassle to eat.

Verdict:  While a bit more expensive then their neighbors, Bandit’s is a really relaxing nice place to eat with really good food.  There is a bar area as well as a restaurant area, so it offers something for everyone.  If you get the nachos, be prepared to roll up your sleeves a bit.

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