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Tosh's Ramen

Tosh’s Ramen

There is no question that there is a buzz around Tosh’s Ramen over on State St. ever since the former Naked Fish ramen chef left to start his own restaurant.  My first attempt to visit was foiled due to them not being open on Mondays so don’t make the same mistake.  It also appears that the early issues with actually running out of food have been resolved.  With the issues worked out I finally made it this week.  No, this wasn’t the cup-o-noodles 1980’s after school meal I remember growing up, nor is it the starving college student, all you-can-afford meal.  Gourmet ramen soup done right is much superior in presentation, quality, and taste.

Tosh's Ramen Menu

Tosh’s Ramen Menu

Here you have the menu, a nice selection of ramen soup with some fantastic appetizers!  Don’t discount the appetizers here, especially the Tokyo wings.

Tokyo Wings

Tokyo Wings

I hate to say it Hooters, Wingers, Buffalo Wild Wings, or whoever else makes traditional wings.  These Tokyo wings have you by the tail.  I found it funny the menu stated that you get 5 or 6 wings.  I of course was hoping for 6 which I got, but after tasting one of them, I wanted to throw my plans for ramen out the window and just snack on these things.  I’m still trying to figure out how they make them, I think they basically take a drumstick and push the meat to one end, and then fry and season them?  They are bite size and amazing!



I also tried one of my favorite Asian appetizers, the pot sticker dumpling.  The pot stickers themselves had everything in order, but the sauce is what really makes the dish.  They were great, but if you have to choose one appetizer, definitely get the Tokyo Wings.


Tonkotsu Ramen

I went with the Tonkotsu Ramen for my first try.  It consisted of pork belly and wheat noodles with a few bean sprouts throughout.  Very delicious soup, and perfect for the Utah cold.  I didn’t get the brow sweats until the very end of my bowl, but it tasted so good!

The only negative mark is the actual space for Tosh’s.  The picture of the menu, is pretty much how I would describe the dining room, very plain with nothing fancy.  When we arrived there was a huge crowd waiting, with very little waiting space, however the line did move pretty quickly which was nice.  I also chuckled when I overheard a conversation between one of the waiters and a guest.  The waiter was explaining how one they were having issues with people walking off with the ramen spoons, so one of the owners went to Japan to purchase some more.  Fancy ramen spoon or not, I loved Tosh’s ramen just the same.

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