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Greek Food Salt Lake City


Feels good to get this restaurant off of my bucket list.  It felt good and boy was it tasty!  Aristo’s is beautiful Greek restaurant located just in front of the University of Utah offering artisan, gourmet Greek cuisine in a relaxed clean setting.  With fall weather coming to Salt Lake City, they also have a beautiful patio for outdoor dining.  I hit them up this week with a work colleague, and enjoyed the food along with some local music.  Here are a few pics and thoughts from the menu.

Greek Food Salt Lake City


The Orektika was one of the most outstanding “appetizer” dishes I’ve ever had.  Delicious soft flat bread accompanied by your choice of dips.  You also get a cup of Greek olives to go along with it.  From left to right we went with the Kafteri which had Macedonian peppers, feta cheese, and cayenne pepper.  We were told that it was the spiciest of the three, it wasn’t anything that even a child couldn’t handle,  we also went with a hummus and the skordalia.  All three were delicious, and even with the bounty of flatbread that came with this plate, there was plenty of dip to apply a generous amount on each piece.  I wouldn’t recommend coming to Aristos and not trying the Orektika.

Greek Food Salt Lake City


We also went with some lamb ribs accompanied by some fennel slaw as part of the “Meze” portion of the menu.  (There were a lot of words I didn’t understand from the menu, don’t sweat it though, the descriptions are in English)  The flavor on these ribs were a 9/10, the only deduction I gave them was due to the fact they were a tad on the grisly/fatty side.

Greek Food Salt Lake City

Gyro Sliders

Another highlight of the night was from the “Street Eats” menu.  We went with 3 different gyro sliders.  A little warning here though, they truly are sliders and not really meant to be shared between two people.  Cutting the lamb gyro for example was a little bit of a chore.  We went with the salmon, chicken, and lamb sliders.  Each one of them was delicious in its own right.  If you are a lover of the Greek gyro, then you have definitely come to the right place.  First time I’ve heard of salmon in a gyro before, but oh boy was it awesome!

Greek Food Salt Lake City


Finally we went with the lamb chops for the entrée portion of the meal.  To be honest, I was already pretty stuffed from the flat bread and the gyro sliders.  The meat on these chops was super tender.  Flavor was there too.  I’ve always enjoyed the way Greek places season their meats, and Aristos is no exception.

Can’t think of anything we had on the menu that wasn’t delicious.  Aristo’s is definitely on the top of the pyramid when it comes to Greek cuisine in Salt Lake City.

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