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High West

High West

The quality of my photos is the only thing that sucked about my visit to High West last month.  I definitely look forward to whipping out my iPhone 6 Plus and taking better pictures going forward!  Yay!  Picture quality aside, High West is up near historic Main Street in Park City, and well designed, comfortable gastropub with excellent food and atmosphere.

Another funny part of the dinner is how my colleagues and I were ID’d coming into the restaurant, but then as well turned the corner to walk into the dining room, I counted 3 different toddlers in high chairs.  lol  As the night went on though I noticed that kids stopped coming in.  There are a few places in SLC that after a certain time turn into ID bars and they close it off to under age patrons.  (Maxwell’s for example)  Could be that High West is the same, but I could be mistaken.

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Free warm bread and butter is always welcome!


Shishito Peppers

The above was probably the highlight of our food experience.  They had both regular and tempura fried peppers with a siracha mayo dipping sauce that was simply spectacular.  The peppers had a slight kick, but nothing distracting from the flavor.


Cured Meats Plate

The cured meats place was super-duper fun.  We ended up making little cured meat sandwich rolls and then returning to the siracha mayo for different flavor combinations.  The mustards were a nice addition here.


A few of my co-workers got the pan seared Utah trout salad.  They were super mean and didn’t share with me, but said it was really good.  (Just kidding, they gave me a bite, and I concur)


I went with the chicken pot pie.  Pot pie is one of those comfort foods I enjoy trying when I see it on a menu.  The presentation was pretty cool as it came out in a cast iron bucket.  I’m not sure if the liked the crust topping though.  It was more crispy and hard than the flaky stuff that I like.  The inside of the pot pie had a good flavor.  Good dish but not great and could have been better.

The fourth member of our group went with the steak and enjoyed it. I took a picture but was way too embarrassed by the quality to post it here.  That leads me to another element that I actually enjoyed about High West.  They lighting was subtle and so was the music.  Everything had a cool theme to it.  Wasn’t the best setting to take super high quality pictures, so I don’t feel quite so bad that mine didn’t turn out.



The above dessert made me giddy with pleasure.  I have to quote the online menu verbatim with this:  Cinnamon Grilled Krispy Kreme Doughnut | Rendezvous Rye Laced Ice Cream | Caramel Sauce.  Love it!  If you eat like I do, I’m normally absolutely stuffed by the time dessert comes around.  Restaurants need to step up their game and make desserts that are hard to pass up.  This was one of them.  It was delicious, I could have finished 2-3 off by myself.

High West is well thought of and respected in the food community and rightfully so.  They have a on-premise story if you want to pick up some whisky, and you can even arrange for a tour of the place through their website.

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