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Wasatch Moon Cafe

This post embodies some of my all-time favorite things in this world.  Finding a local “hidden” diner off the beaten path that has the most amazing burgers and fries at near obscene prices is very near the top.  (I can only think of bacon and cookies topping it at the moment)  I’ve been to Wasatch Moon Cafe twice in the past few days.  The first time off a recommendation from a work colleague, and the second time as part of my “I need to pinch myself, can this place really be true?” reaction.  Let me tell you that it has only taken two trips here.  Wasatch Moon Cafe is now one of my favorite lunch spots.

Best way to get there is to take the 90th South exit if you are coming from the South, or the 72nd exit if you are coming from the North off of I-15, and then converge on this little building right off of State St. at about 80th South.  Wasatch Moon Cafe doesn’t have a lot of glitz or glamour that would attract the eye of vehicles driving down State St.  Outward appearance isn’t what makes this place special though.

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I had a few initial observations while getting ready to order my food from their modest sized dining room area.  First of all, all the prices on their menu were extremely affordable.  I’ve only tried a few things from their menu during my first couple visits, but I can share what intel I was able to gather.  First of all, their lunch special included some nice selections including burgers, and (wait for it)  a “big breakfast burrito” !  I haven’t had the breakfast burrito yet, but it is pretty much the crown jewel of the burrito family, because it’s your best chance to find bacon.  I’ve rarely come across a breakfast burrito I didn’t like.  I also saw something called “BBQ Pork Nachos” on the menu, and I actually did end up ordering that on my second visit.  I also noticed a selection of fried chicken, and looking back into the kitchen, you can see a big basket of flour where they roll the chicken in before frying it up.  To top it off, there was a big pan of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies sitting by the ordering counter.  I have to confess, everything looked just like I would have it.

Fixings Counter

Fixings Counter

The south side of the building sports a modest little buffet table of burger fixings.  That pancake syrup pitcher has some of the best fry sauce I’ve ever had.  It was anything but your typical ketchup-mayo concoction.  It may have had a bit of pickle juice in there, but I’m not certain.  They also had a sauce bottle full of chipotle fry sauce that had a great kick and flavor to it.  Something else that further testified to me that these guys knew burgers was the glass beaker of malt vinegar in the back.  Wasatch Moon gives you all of the accessories and weaponry to fully load and decorate your burger and fries.

The Garlic Burger

The Garlic Burger

Check this sexy little plate out!  Going to point out a few things here.  Those buns after talking to the owner are artisan ciabatta buns made down the street at Stoneground bakery.  They are a bit more expensive to bring in than using your average poppy-seed Hostess bun, but man o man do these things give the burgers here a great texture and taste.  The all beef patties are hand-made and sourced locally as well from Main St. Meats.  Throw in a balanced amount of garlic, lettuce, tomato, and onion, and you have a pretty righteous burger!  The hand cut fries next to it didn’t even play second fiddle.  They were outstanding as well.  All this pictured here plus a 22 ounce refillable drink all for …. only $5.99?  Are you freaking kidding me right now?  You can even get a combo meal at McDonalds at that price, let alone the food would be only 1/1000th of the quality.  This place is out-of-bounds delicious.  I was soooo happy with my garlic burger lunch special.  My biggest mistake and deepest regret?  Only that I failed to “Add Bacon for $0.99”  Good thing I missed that, would have definitely broke the bank!

The Wasatch Burger

The Wasatch Burger

I brought my boss 2 days later and he went with the Wasatch Burger and even upgraded this beauty to hand breaded onion rings.  According to him, he’s a connoisseur of onion rings, and these were “Fantastic”.  Lightly breaded, nice onion flavor coming through, delicious sauce to dip in.  Everything was top notch.  Oh and the price to “upgrade” to hand-breaded onion rings?  Only $0.50!  Again, lots of no brain decisions here.  I haven’t even mentioned the fact they offer sweet potato fries or “Hot peach cobbler pie”

BBQ Pork Nachos

BBQ Pork Nachos

So on my second visit, I asked the manager what was better, the BBQ pork nachos or “Big Breakfast Burrito”.  He just kinda smiled at me as if it were a silly question, obviously the BBQ Pork Nachos.  I have to admit, I was secretly hoping he would have said the breakfast burrito because I really wanted to try it, but I had a feeling the BBQ Pork Nachos were going to be legendary, so I went with them.  Talking to him the day before he had told me how they smoke their own pork in the back of the restaurant.  Verdict?




It’s not the biggest portion of nachos that I have seen after eating at places like Lone Star or Porcupine, but if was definitely the “right” size of nachos.  And the quality of these nachos were high as a kite.  They take innocent looking chips and give them a little bath of cheese sauce on the bottom, and then they slap down a healthy amount of BBQ pork chunks on top, as well as sprinkle some cheddar cheese for good measure.  I love how they don’t try to make the nachos look too pleasing on the eye by adding a bunch of not-necessary ingredients.  Instead they left just a few elements of flavor on the plate, and let the taste of the cheese and pork come out and do the talking.  Very well done Wasatch Moon, very well don indeed good sir.

At this point, I think you are picking up what I’m throwing down here.  Wasatch Moon has me excited like a little school girl.  If my company wasn’t catering in food tomorrow, I would probably be back tomorrow.  I suppose there is always Thursday or Friday.  Do me a favor and share this post with friends on Twitter and/or Facebook.  I want these guys to succeed, because we need more delicious and affordable local places in our community to succeed.  Pay them a visit today!


  1. Ikeage /

    I agree their food was AMA-ZA-ZING!!!! Will definitely go back!!!

  2. I see from their Facebook page that a new owner has purchased the place and will be changing the name to Busy Bee bbq. I wonder if the food price and quality will stay the same or not.

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      When I was talking to the former-owner, apparently he is going to stay on for a while, and he confirmed the menu is all going to be staying the same for the time-being. Good to know about the new name!

  3. Hi all just ran across this great post. Just wanted to let you know that Wasatch Moon Cafe is indeed changing ownership. It will be under the new name of Bumblebee’s BBQ and Grill. We are keeping the burgers pretty much the same but we have added two of our own! It is our special Mr. Kim and Mrs. Pa burger. We also have our house special Baked Potato fully loaded with all the necessities at a really great price. We also offer our Awesome Smoked Brisket everyday and have a great lunch special going on everyday. We of course will maintain the standards that have been set and will strive to exceed your expectations. Come and try our food, you won’t regret it.


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