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Kobe Japanese Sushi

Kobe Japanese Sushi

I glanced over here while going for $0.75 wing Tuesday’s at Wing Coop a few weeks ago, and saw they were advertising ramen soup.  Even though we are in the middle of high 90’s temperatures in Salt Lake City recently, something about ramen soup really struck a chord with me.  I have to say after sampling the ramen, this was my reaction:



That’s right.  I really liked it.

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Kobe was on Man vs. Food a while ago for some really hot sushi.  It is my understanding that the roll featured on that show is no longer on the menu, and the place is under new management.  You can still get Japanese cuisine there, and a wide assortment of sushi.  They sushi special night is on Wednesdays, so if you want the sushi, go on Wednesday.

This review is going to be rather short.  For starters Kobe Sushi doesn’t have an online menu, and I failed miserably to write down the names of the ramen.  I’ll give you the basics however, the soup comes in two sizes, and the big size is huge!  I loved how each soup came with an egg, and a huge helping of broth and meat.  My ramen in particular pictured directly underneath had mushrooms switched out for sprouts.  It was amaze-balls.









My apologies again for not getting proper names.  Kobe Sushi was a nice atmosphere, good portions, and well priced.  I really want to go back.

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