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Opening up recently in the shopping center across the street from South Towne Center is Zilio’s Artisan Pizza.  Zilio’s is a quick service high quality pizza provider where everything on the menu is $6.50.

First, the restaurant itself was bright, clean, and nicely decorated.  I really enjoyed the huge mural on the North wall telling the story of how the founding father of Zilio’s Pizza learned pizza making in Italy, and then perfected his craft in New York.  I could tell a lot of work went into the mural, and it added to the restaurant.  The chalk board menu boards were lined on the wall leading to the ordering register, and were descriptive and organized.  I found the staff to be friendly, and professional, and my food was done in less than 10 minutes.  You can also order online for takeout by visiting here

Sweet Style Pulled Pork

Sweet Style Pulled Pork

I went with the sweet style pulled pork pizza.  I’ve had a lot of pizza in my day, and have grown somewhat picky with my pies.  With that said, there are lots of ways to screw up a pizza.  Zilio’s pizza was just “correct”, meaning they did it right from the toppings, to the cheese, to the crust.  This pork pizza wasn’t overly sweet, and played well with the cheese and pineapple.  My favorite part about it was the crust.  It was flat and not greasy like other chain pizza places, and had the perfect amount of chewiness.  The more I think about it, the more I just really enjoyed Zilio’s Pizza.  You can find this flavor as well as other “artisan” flavors from their menu.  I really want to go back and try to Patata Pie which is a gluten-free pizza made from thinly sliced potatoes, caramelized onions, and parmesan.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Of course Zilio’s has the classic pepperoni pizza for your picky kids.  My kids eat it up and loved it.



While I really loved the pizza, I wasn’t a huge fan of the calzones.  The timing of my visit to Zilio’s was interesting, because the previous night I was watching Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network, where a lady was making some chicken parmesan.  She got sent home because her chicken was completely drowned in sauce so you really couldn’t tell what was even underneath.  I thought about that as I had the calzone.  There was tons and tons of sauce on the plate, and the crust of the calzone itself was a little thick for my taste.  The flavor of the calzone just kinda got lost in all the sauce.  If you like lots of marinara sauce to dip your calzone in, then maybe you will enjoy this more than I did, this was a bit of a miss for me.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to take any pictures of the salads, but they sounded really good from the menu descriptions, and are also priced at $6.50.

To cap this review off, Zilio’s has found a nice niche with their affordable prices, quick service, and high quality pizza.  They have something for everyone on the menu.  The pizzas were made just the way I like them and were delicious.  Go check them out just off State Street in Sandy!




  1. alan michael /

    Sorry, you lose all credibility as a pizza reviewer when you choose a pizza with pineapple. And, a true pizza connoisseur would not be hoping to go back for the gluten-free crust- Yours truly- Someone from NYC.

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      I won’t argue any of those points actually. I normally would never go for pineapple, but I love pork. 🙂

  2. Typical NYC pizza snob above. Chicago is a better pizza town than NYC. Deal with it. You aren’t cool or a connaisseur just because you live in a town that has a lot of places that sell pizza on the go.

    Keep up the good work Hyrum.


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