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T-Pedos 7348 Union Park Avenue at the Texaco In & Out Market

There is a new deli in town that has taken over the old space left by Johnnie Beefs over in the Fast & Easy gas station market.  The interesting thing about the name of the new place, T-pedos, is that “pedos” is the Spanish word for “farts”.  So for the Hispanic community, the deli would be called T-Farts.  All names aside though, T-pedos, is meant to be short for torpedos, or an East Coast name for a sub sandwich.  I had a chance to try a sandwich there this past week and was impressed.


The counter

T-pedos offers a selection of sandwiches and dogs, with a few soups and salads as well.



The one thing on the menu that caught my eye was “The Brick” so I ordered it.  Think about the name The Brick.  It could be good or it could be very bad.  The Brick could reference something big and heavy, loaded with lots of good stuff, or it could reference how it feels in your stomach after you eat it.


The Brick Sandwich

I knew right when the sandwich was handed over that it was going to be a task to eat the whole thing.  It was wrapped in heavy-duty deli paper, then wrapped on the inside by tin foil not to mention it weighing quite a bit.  I felt like a kid at Christmas time unwrapping a present.  This sandwich lived up to its name.  It was filled with not only huge meatballs, but also huge pieces of Italian sausage, all drenched in marinara sauce.  This was my type of sandwich, beautiful meat, and cheese all loaded into bread that was perfectly built for it.  The crust was soft and chewy, and heavy-duty enough to support the sandwich.  The Brick was simply out-of-bounds – off the hook tasty.

I’m hoping T-Pedos sticks around for a while.  I’ll probably eat enough Bricks to build a house.



  1. Kellie J /

    Where is it?

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      Hi Kellie, that info would helpful! (I’m waiting for Urbanspoon to add the listing) You can find T’Pedos at 7348 S Union Park Ave.

  2. Kellie /

    Thanks! Im going to try it. I love you blog. It gives me lots of food ideas. (I LOVE food) I am still going to go to that weird place you bloged about a while back. Where you make a secret reservation, and go thru a differnt place. I printed it.
    Anyway THANKS

  3. Thank you for the review. Our website is now up and we are also exploring the option of being available thru Grubhub.


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