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So this next place is a bit of a dive, it’s the West Valley Billiards pool hall in West Valley City!  I first heard about this place years ago on the radio.  One of the local stations was having a show based on what the listeners thought the best burger in Salt Lake was.  One particular caller talked about WVB and their whopper, so I went and tried it.  The second time I heard about this place was during West Fest last year.  Of the many food vendors was WVB, who was actually selling Mexican street tacos.  I decided to give them a second try, and once again had the whopper burger.  Yes the place is still a dive, but its a pool hall, so it is meant to.  Turns out they have pretty decent food too!


The Whopper

So the “whopper” served here has two thick patties topped by a couple thick strips of pastrami.  The sandwich comes with some golden fries and fry sauce.  The plate scores a big “0” on presentation, but a “10” on flavor.  If you are hungry, and need a bite to eat, perhaps you have stopped by to shoot some pool, this food will do you right.

I took a picture of the menu, but didn’t save that pic.  You can get most items you would expect to find in a billiards joint, that is burgers, hot dogs, Philly cheese steaks, and tacos.  Oh and pretty much anything fried you can find here to.  When you walk in, they have the arcade and pool tables to the right, and the food portion of the place to the left.  That “dining room” portion is separated by an area with three tables, and another 21 or older bar section if you are looking for some drinks.

Speaking of the tacos, they were tasty, but not the best I’ve had.  One thing that did make me laugh is how the couple running the joint ranted and raved about their home-made green salsa.  When I tried putting some on my tacos, it almost burnt my mouth clean off.


West Valley Billiards

WVB itself is nested up along a stretch of 3500 south, that you might not expect to find food at.  A bit East of the place is a boating dealership, and a bit West is a storage place.  If you blink, you might just continue on your way.


The billiards

As you can see, what you see is what you get at West Valley Billiards.  Tables, arcade games, and pool tables.  Next time you want a whopper, don’t go to Burger King… go to West Valley Billiards!

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