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Ab’s Drive-In

Since I focus so much on local places and steer away from national chains, I unintentionally have left out some local drive thru joints that I really love.  I’ve been going to Ab’s Drive-In for over 15 years and really love it.  There is absolutely no reason to visit McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr, and *gulp (I’m going to go there) In & Out Burger if you live anywhere close to Ab’s.  They really only have one thing they could improve upon which I will get to later, but they are a solid solid choice.


The Drive Thru Menu

So upon looking at the menu, the first thing you might think about is Arctic Circle.  You would be correct, the menus are very similar between the two chains.  I personally feel Ab’s is 100 times better than Arctic Circle.  When I walk into an Arctic Circle, I feel like I’m walking into a grease cloud.  When you go to Ab’s there are no heat lamps, or fry holding trays.  They make everything fresh to order there.


The Fat Boy

The main burger on the menu is the Fat Boy.  I love the Fat Boy, it is what I get every single time.  Keep in mind that it is only $3.49.  With that said, the patties are pretty thin here.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a thicker patty on one of their burgers even if it means charging a bit more, because I really enjoy the other elements of the Fat Boy.  The bun, to the mayo, to the ketchup…. it just all goes together well, plus I don’t feel like I’m stuffing thousands of calories down my mouth when I eat one.  There is always a lot of room for the true star of Ab’s…. the fries and sauce!


The fries and fry sauce

The Ab’s fry sauce is in my top 3 for best fry sauces in the city, and perhaps the state.  They have the standard ketchup and mayo base, but they also have a sweet ingredient too.  Correct me if I’m wrong Ab’s but is that secret ingredient honey?  And of course the sauce isn’t just good on the fries, but I love dipping my half eaten Fat Boy into the sauce as well.  Either way you go, every order you have to include one or two fry sauces to go with your food.

The fries are awesome!  As mentioned before, you will never get fries that have been sitting around under a lamp.  They are excellent and salted just right.  I’d compare them in appearance and taste to Five Guys.

One important thing to note is the great Saturday special they have on cheeseburgers and corn dogs.  You can get a truck load of the delicious corn dogs on Saturday, and it will only slightly dent your wallet.

So this is my favorite, drive thru, quick, local burger joint in Utah.  There used to be a place up in Cottonwood called Eat a Burger that was excellent, but they have since gone out of business.  Abs has locations in West Valley and West Jordan.


  1. This is one burger place I have never heard of. Which doesn’t usually happen. Looks amazing, going to have to try it out for myself. Thanks! p.s. did you ever find out what the secret ingredient in the sauce was? Honestly, honey doesn’t sound like a great option in fry sauce but I’m open minded. http://samburger.net/

  2. Hyrum Romrell /


    I haven’t figured it out no, I’m pretty sure the friendly folks over there will tell you though when you go. There is definitely something sweet inside it though. You will get what I’m talking about when you try them out. So coming from a burger lover, where is your favorite patty in Salt Lake?

  3. Well my search is still on going but my favorite to date, which just happens to be the most expensive as well, is Lucky 13. They are amazing. http://samburger.net/best-burgers-of-2013/ gonna have to go try abs soon though. Any other burger suggestions?

  4. Hyrum Romrell /

    Yeah I went out to your blog and saw your list. I’ve done reviews with Guzzi’s and Lucky 13 obviously. (Agree 100% with Lucky 13) Definitely go to Carl’s Cafe and try the Brighton Burger. You won’t be disappointed. I also liked Salt City Burger.


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