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The Annex

The Annex

Yet another review coming your way from the old Granite Furniture district in Sugarhouse.  The old building gave way, but spawned forth tons of new eating establishments.  One of the newest ones opened their doors recently, The Annex by Epic Brewery.  I’m about as far as an expert at rating bars as they come, but I’ll certainly give you my take on the building itself and the food.

The inside

The inside

The inside was nice.  I was there during lunch time, and while there were lots of people inside, it wasn’t too noisy and loud.  Everything was clean and open, and I was attended to right away.  The service was friendly my entire time here.  Certainly a great start to my lunch.

The Happy Beef Burger

The Happy Beef Burger

They were advertising the daily special as the happy beef burger.  It’s not something that I was particularly in the mood for, but I enjoy a well put together burger, and it was called “happy” so went with it.

The burger did make me happy.  The best part of it was the bun.  It was on a Dutch bun, and they grilled it to a nice toasted finish.  The beef and TLO were all good.  I loved how the red onion was sliced thinly.  I think red onion tastes great on burgers as long as they are sliced thinly, not like the way In and Out burger does it.  Sometimes when I’m forced to eat there, I’ll take a bite of the burger and get a huge chunk of onion in the bite, and thats not doing your self or anyone around you any favors. The fries it came along with were really good too.  They were made from un-peeled potato and dusted with some seasoning.  Fry sauce was in order.  The whole plate had a good vibe to it.  Nothing took away from the experience, it was just your above average bar burger, and I like bar burgers, so this place gets a check.

The one thing on the menu I really wanted to order was the cauliflower dip that came with a sliced baguette.  I walked in and passed a table that was enjoying it, and literally wanted to steal a bite right off of their table.  You can find the menu here.  They have some delicious sounding menu items here.

The only downside here was the lack of parking space.  There are only a few spots out front, or you can drive around the corner and try to park in the lot in front of Habit Burger if you can find a spot.  With so many restaurants open throughout the day, I can see parking being a challenge here.


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