Rita’s Ice Custard

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Rita's Ice Custard

Rita’s Ice Custard

Well for those of you from the East coast, your day has finally arrived.  Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness has finally arrived to Utah.  I’ve only known about this location for about a week, and have already visited there about 5 times.  It may be just that I’m getting a little tired of these record high temperatures we have been experiencing lately and am ready for Winter to arrive.  Probably the last person to be this excited over ice was this chick from Edward Scissorhands.


Wynona Ryder was excited for the ice

So what is Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness?  It’s that happy place where flavored Italian ice meets yummy creamy custard.  I don’t see really where you can go wrong here.



More Flavors

More Flavors

You can go about your dessert a few different ways here.  There is straight up Italian Ice as pictured above.  There are many different flavors that Rita’s does, it all just depends on the day you show up.  I’ve tried the juicy pear, starburst, and the Swedish Fish flavors.  The flavors range from classic fruity flavors to special candy flavors.  They are all yummy.  They also have a creamier version of the ice called cream ice. (it is ice cream backwards).  I’ve been told however, that the way to go when you go to Rita’s is the gelati.  This is coming from a friend of mine who lived in Philly for a few years and swears by Rita’s.

Cherry Gelati

Cherry Gelati

To make the gelati, Rita’s leaves a layer of frozen custard on the bottom of your cup, and then fills the rest of it with Italian ice.  On top of the cup they give you a big dollop of custard to top it off.  This custard is probably some of the creamiest ice cream treat I’ve ever had.  And what makes it even better, it gives you a lot of flexibility with how you want to eat your desert.  If you want a bite of just Italian ice, then you just spoon up all ice, if you want to throw a little custard in there and creme things up a bit, you have that option.  It really is the perfect ice cream dessert.

A big size Rita's Ice Cup

A big size Rita’s Ice Cup

Rita’s ice will be open year round, even thought there are locations on the East Coast that are seasonal.  It’s a fantastic yummy treat!

You can find the Utah locations here


  1. Where is it?

  2. I grew up in Rita’s territory, and between ‘real’ jobs after college I spent about a half year working as an ice maker/cashier at Rita’s. They really have a great system of quality and product control which I think ensures their success. You’re right in that the Gelati’s are the biggest sellers, by far. LOL, I would get the same people coming to my window everyday and get basically a large Gelati with cream ice and custard that eventually I started feeling guilty because the stuff is horrible for you.

    Their custard is pretty expensive compared to most soft serve but you’re getting a premium product, do doubt. We used to get to make one thing for after each shift and I would always just get a simple cone of the Coffee custard, when we featured that flavor.

    Oh yea and the cream ice flavors they come up with these days are amazingly authentic. They introduced Peanut Butter and Jelly when I was there and I hear they are doing Pumpkin Spice this year. By far the favorite flavors are Lemon and Cherry, though.

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      Adam – Your posts are always exceptional. Man do I want to try the PB & J flavor now!

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