May 2013 – First Journal Post

So this is the first post of its kind for me on this site.  Up until now I have done purely restaurant reviews and have followed a pretty straight forward format.  In creating this new journal post I wanted to start a section where I share thoughts in general about food and the blog along with different experiences I have had with my reviews, the press, cooking, baking, or whatever falls outside my cookie cutter mold.

I’ve reached an interesting point in this food blog.  I have now had it up and running for about 18 months, and have accomplished much of what I set out to do.  I’m pretty competitive by nature so it was a big moment when I was able to reach the top of Urbanspoon’s top food blogs list.  I was putting out reviews at a pretty fast clip up until that point posting sometimes 2-3 times a week.  I feel that going forward I’m going to try and keep it to about once a week on the food reviews, but perhaps if something catches my interest, I’ll use this space to post material.

As I write this I am making preparations to take my family to Disney World, so you better believe that I will have lots of things to say about all the food I’m bound to eat over the next week.  I haven’t been to Orlando in about 5 years, but I distinctly remember visiting Epcot center and having a spiritial experience at the Boulangerie in France.  I had one of the best croissants I’ve ever had there.  A couple walked by me as I was eating it and said “Boy you look like you are really enjoying that”  I can just imagine the look on my face at that moment. 🙂  I was debating on whether or not to purchase the Disney Dining Plan for our vacation, but decided against it.  It would of cost me $1000 for the 9 night stay.  I’m going to keep track of what I end up spending on food to see if the numbers were close.  I’ll be sure to write up a post on whether or not the Disney Dining Plan was a good choice or not.

Finally I recently entered my name along with 4 others to run the St. George marathon.  They recently increased the number of entrants to 7,700 runners.  I’ve never run more than 3.75 miles continuously before so obviously 26 miles is going to be slightly more.  I find out if we were selected in the lottery to participate next Monday.  If selected, I’m obviously going to begin a strenuous diet and exercise program to get ready for the October 5th race, so look forward to reading some more healthy reviews by me in the months to come.

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone that has supported me and read my blog over these last few years.  I have really enjoyed it.  Last night I took some clients to dinner, and I had to answer a lot of questions about my blog and food experiences.  I’ve grown used to being “the food guy” by now, but just remember friends and family.  I know how to do other stuff besides eating delicious food and writing about it.  (said in my best Zoolander voice)

Peace Out

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