Milagros Mexican Restaurant

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Milagros Mexican Restaurant

Milagros Mexican Restaurant

Kinda a funny story on how we stumbled upon Milagros as our dinner choice on black Friday.  After a visit to the new outlet shops on Traverse Mountain, I wanted to use my Groupon to nearby D Boyz BBQ.  I plugged it into my iPhone maps and away we went.  On the way to the BBQ place we noticed this Milagros place off the side of the road, and my wife commented on how good it looked.  “We should eat there one day.” she said.  As fate would have it, we eventually got to D Boyz only to find that they had closed for the day, and we don’t make it down to Orem very often, so we turned around and settled into Milagros for our dinner choice that night.

As we pulled up to the restaurant we saw a little blonde girl from inside notice we had pulled up and were getting out of our van.  Even though it was cold outside, she opened the door and waited until we all walked in before closing it.  My wife and I both thought it was adorable, but it mostly caught the attention of my own 7-year-old daughter.  The entire night she was like “Mommy, I want to get a job here just like that girl”  Avery even asked the same question to our waitress, and that is when I found out she was the owner’s daughter.

Lenys and Milagros 001

The best way I can describe the inside and outside of Milagros would be to compare it to a Quilted Bear, but in restaurant form.  For those guys out there who don’t know Quilted Bear in Midvale, you haven’t passed the good husband test yet, without sacrificing a Saturday Frank the Tank style at Quilted Bear.  Quilted Bear is basically a consignment store that sells all sorts of hand-made crafty stuff as far as the eye can see.  For some reason I got the same feel of hand done craftiness inside Milagros.  Even the plates had the same custom lettering on them.  I was hoping that the handmade feel to the decor would also translate to some homemade goodness in the food department.  I was right.

Some cheesy fondue dip

Some Queso fondue dip

I highly recommend trying the queso fondue dip if you come here.  You see Milagros is Spanish for “Miracles”.  I would call this bowl of piping hot cheese a little miracle on its own.  They give you a bowl of chips, but they really could have given me a bowl of anything and I still would have dipped it in the miracle bowl of cheese.  So yummy!

Pork Chile Rellenos

Pork Chile Rellenos

I went the pork chile rellenos as my choice.  I had a conversation with my dad a few weeks back about Mexican restaurants.  He thinks a good barometer on how good a Mexican place is, is based on how good they do their chile rellenos.  These particular ones were filled with carnitas and queso sauce.  These were excellent.  My son, who hates spicy food and peppers in general, just stared at me the entire time, and I devoured these things.  Our waitress said that if jalapenos were a 7 on the spicy meter, then these were a 3.  I would say that is about right.

That little shiny white thing to the right of my chile relleno?  NO it’s not a crystal ball, it is one of Millagros grilled sweet onion ball.  Our waitress gave me that choice, and I had to order it purely off curiosity and not because I’m a huge fan of onions.  I loved it however.  Somehow it was delicious.

The kids meal quesadilla

The kids meal quesadilla

Here is a pic of Avery’s plate.  She went with the kids quesadilla and sweet green chile rice.  I took special note of her reaction to the rice.  Her eyes popped out and her eyebrows went up and an audible “hmmmm” came out of her mouth.  She actually finished her rice before she even touched her quesadilla.



Even the horchata was awesome!  And did I think I was going to get it served to me in a run of the mill boring glass?  Nope.  I got it in a dimpled, green tinted glass.  Somehow it tasted that much better.

Millagros Mexican Restaurant in Oren, Utah.  If we lived closer to  you, then I would say we would be back soon.  I suppose we will have to come back someday to actually use that D Boys Groupon.  Who knows maybe I’ll try to go back at night again, and use that as an excuse for a return visit.


  1. I think the horchata is one of my favorites @ Milagros, unlike any I have tasted before. This is one of our favorite Orem retaurants, good service and the food is really different and fresh.

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      Sheila – I think horchata is a good barometer to tell how good a Mexican place really is. You are right, their horchata is the bomb!

  2. Doug and Mary Anne /

    You have to experience it to believe it! Operated by a local Mexican restaurant success story. One bite of the green tomatillo salsa and I thought to myself ‘this place has some connection with Rosa’s/Dave”. If you like chain restaurants and food loaded with sugar- this is not your place. prices were fair, portions were great and the service rocked. Worth the drive, especially on the weekends when the owners son plays the guitar at your tableside. I felt like I wasn’t in Utah……more like Mexico


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