Best of 2015

Welcome to the 4th annual “Best Of” list for my food blog.  2015 has been an interesting year.  It marked the first time I probably did more reviews outside the state of Utah than I did inside.  Before 2015 I had only visited one other country other than the United States, and this year alone I visited 10 different countries in 3 different continents.  In my “real job” I’m an account manager over Latin America and have had the chance to visit many places there.  Also my wife and I celebrated 15 years of marriage this year, so we decided to celebrate with a trip to Europe starting it off with the FoodieHub Global Awards in London.  It’s been a fantastic year and I know 2016 will be great also.

The format of this best of list will be the same as previous years.  This list isn’t indicative what my all-time favorite Utah places are, it is just a list of only places I visited for the first time this year.  I’ll include past winners in each category as I’ve done previously, and then give a top 3 places I’ve had this year to finish it all off.


Best Mexican

(2012 Winner Red Iguana, 2013 Winner Tarahumara, 2014 Winner Taco Taco)


Hector’s Mexican Food

Alamexo – Carne Asada Tacos


Best American / Steakhouse

(2012 Winner Z Chop House, 2013 Winner Faustina, 2014 Winner Pago)    


Copper Kitchen

SLC Provisions

Bambara – Grilled Lamb Rack Chops


Best Sandwich

(2012 Winner Moochies, 2013 Winner Feldman’s Deli, 2014 Winner Le Sage Bistro)


Even Stevens


Vito’s Creme Cheese Philly


Best Italian

(2012 Winner Canellas, 2013 Winner Cucina Vanina, 2014 Winner Nuch’s)

Valter’s Osteria


Valter’s Osteria Foccacia


Best Breakfast

(2012 Winner Park Cafe, 2013 Winner Eggs in the City, 2014 Winner Blue Plate Diner)

Millcreek Cafe and Eggworks

Millcreek Cafe and Eggworks


Best Pizza

(2012 Winner Settebello, 2013 Winner Cafe Galleria, 2014 Winner Stoneground

Fiore Wood Fired Pizza

From Scratch

Oak Wood Fire Kitchen

Fiore Wood Fired Pizza


Best Food Truck

(2014 Winner Cupbop)

Red Food Truck

Fat Kid Mac n Cheese

Chedda Truck

Red Food Truck – Lomo Saltado


Best Asian

(2012 Winner Benja Thai, 2013 Winner Oh Mai, 2014 Winner Takashi)

La Cai Noodle House


La Cai Vietnamese Rolls


Best Baked Goods/Desserts

(2012 Winner Bruges Waffles, 2013 Winner Bake 360, 2014 Winner Fillings & Emulsions)

The Baking Hive

Tin Angel Cafe

The Baking Hive – Dirty Johnny


Best South American

(2013 Winner Adobos, 2014 Winner Sabor Latino)

Carlos Kitchen

Carlos Kitchen Pupusas


Best BBQ

(2012 Winner Pats BBQ, 2013 Winner R&R BBQ, 2014 Winner Mo Bettah)

Five Star BBQ


Five Star BBQ


And that brings us to my top three dishes for 2015 here in the great state of Utah.  I may pick 3 different places on a different night, but someone has to win because I don’t believe in ties.  My three favorite places tried in 2015 are: Alamexo, Bambara, and Red Food Truck.  I didn’t think anyone could knock off Red Iguana or Frida Bistro as my favorite Mexican place in SLC, but Alamexo has done just that.  Bambara I get a spot in the top three simply because in addition to a brilliant dinner menu, their brunch menu has some of the best breakfast dishes I’ve ever tasted.  Finally Red Food Truck sandwiches just have to be tasted to be believed.  Until next year!