Best of 2013

It’s been a great year, and time to compile all of my favorite places visited in the Salt Lake Valley over the year.  In making this list, it does not necessarily trump choices I made in 2012.  For that list you can click here.

BEST BAKED GOODS (2012 winner: Bruges Waffles)

1. Bake 360  This place blew my mind.  Good thing it is way over in Draper, or I would be very, very fat and broke.

2. Tulie Bakery

3. The Chocolate

BEST BBQ (2012 winner: Pat’s BBQ)

1. R & R BBQ  I only reviewed one BBQ this year and it was one of a kind.

BEST BAR/PUB – New category

1. The REST @ Bodega – A great dining experience

2. Red Rock

BEST BREAKFAST (2012 winner: Park Cafe)

1. Eggs in the City Both choices were close, but I give the nod to Eggs in the City for the wider selection, and consistency across the menu.

2. Cafe Niche

BEST BURGERS (2012 winner: Lucky 13)

1. Carl’s Cafe – The Brighton Burger is simply amazing.

2. The Garage – Not only are the burgers spectacular, the place is really cool, and the fried mormon funeral potato balls are amazing!

BEST ASIAN (2012 winner: Benja Thai)

1. Oh Mai Vietnamese Sandwich House – The bahn mi sandwich here, especially the supposed S-12 Brisket special, is my lunchtime staple.

2. Red Basil Awesome Thai food with great lunch specials

BEST ITALIAN (2012 winner: Canellas)

1. Cucina Vanina – The dish I had there transcended all cuisines and was one of the best things I’ve ever had.  Exceptional food.

2. Per Noir

3. Brio

BEST MEXICAN (2012 winner: Red Iguana)

1. Tarahumara – It is all the way in Midway, but worth the drive.

2. Taqueria 27

BEST PIZZA (2012 winner: Settebello)

1. Cafe Galleria – Great NY style wood fired baked pizza.

2. Nonna’s

BEST SANDWICH (2012 winner: Moochies)

1. Feldman’s Deli – Not enough Jewish deli places here in SL.  This is a must visit.

BEST STEAKHOUSE  (2012 winner: Z Chop Haus)

1. Faustina – Didn’t do many steakhouses, but they make a really good steak 🙂


1.  Adobos – Go try the mofongo and thank me later.


Last year my top three favorites were Moochies, Pat’s BBQ, and Bruges Waffles and Frites.  Giving away the top 3 prizes this year is a tough one, but in the end, there can only be three, so here they are:

GOLD: Bake 360

SILVER: Oh Mai Vietnamese Sandwich House






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