Quintonil in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City was my second visit to a restaurant on the World’s Greatest 50 list.  (the other one Pujol, is also in Mexico City).  Of all of the great restaurants on the list there are obviously some very expensive places, as well as places that are really hard to get into.  Quintonil is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest on the list, and we made our reservation just about a week and a half in advance.  So if you are in Mexico City, and you want “legendary” dining on a “budget” you can go to Quintonil.



Quintonil offers a tasting menu like many great restaurants do, but you can also order from the menu a la carte.  You can’t go wrong either way.


I started off with this triple berry spritzer.  They didn’t offer horchata and I wanted an atypical non-alcoholic drink.  This stuff was fantastic.



The pre-meal came with salsa and baked tortillas for sampling.


We were also brought out a pre meal sorbet of sorts.  It was not a sweet sorbert, but a salty and sweet combination.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavor, but as you can see Quintonil really digs into their bag of culinary tricks and uses a lot of unique and well thought out flavors.


One good example of this was the nopal ceviche.  Nopal of course is prevalent in Mexican cuisine, and is basically cactus.  Ceviche is most common in Peruvian cuisine and involves seafood.  Consider this a unique fusion type dish decorated with some floral arrangements for both presentation and taste.


I believe this dish was the Huazontiles but I could be wrong.  It was a cheese mole type sauce covered with cheese and amaranth.  Very simple yet delicious.

String Cheese and Plantain Soup

String Cheese and Plantain Soup

Now for the dish that stole the night and quite possibly the week for me.  Remember that scene in Ratatouille when the food inspector tastes the ratatouille and gets taken back to when he was a kid?  The dish had a special place in his heart.  This dish was similar to me.  “String Cheese” soup!  I can’t begin to tell you our rich and creamy this soup was, but somehow strangely true to the string cheese taste.  And of course it covered these pearls made from plantain bananas.  Smooth, creamy, rich, with pearls of sweet.  Heaven!


I went with the wagyu beef for my main course.  It wasn’t Texas but it was good all the same.


I don’t know what this dish was, but check it out.  Did Bob Ross design this dish?


Finally the dessert was a plate full of a whole lot of individually pleasant ingredients that when combined created something spectacular.  You have some ice cream, some mango, some cookie dust going on.

The meal ran me less than $60 if I recall correctly, which seems expensive, but this is among one of the best restaurants in the world, so it really isn’t that much.  I would definitely go back.

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