Costa Vida National Tortilla Day Giveaway

Costa Vida, Fresh Mexican Grill is celebrating National Tortilla Day all day on June 4th with a special of smothered sweet pork burritos for only $5.  Costa Vida, a Mexican chain which started here in Utah has now over 70 different restaurants nationwide, but mostly in the Mountain West of the United States, has started to updated some of their stores with new colors and flavors.

delicious beverage choices

delicious beverage choices

In addition to the Coke fountain, they have some traditional Mexican drinks that are outstanding.  The limonada is a lime based drink that is unique and flavorful.  The watermelon agua fresca is watermelon fruit that has been liquified and turned into a delicious summer time drink.  Horchata of course, my personal favorite Mexican drink, is made from soaking rice in water and then liquifying it, and then adding sugar and cinnamon.  Its like the delicious milk left over in your cereal bowl after finishing off some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa

The honey Habanero is a nice delivery of sweet and spicy.  By using honey and not sugar, it allows the salsa de deliver two different flavors, one after another while eating it.  The guacamole at Costa Vida is sourced from Michoacan, Mexico from avocado trees over 100 years old.

butter honey shrimp tacos

butter honey shrimp tacos

raspberry chipotle chicken salad

raspberry chipotle chicken salad



A few other highlights above showcase the Costa Vida menu.  The sweet pork is the most popular item from the Utah stores.  The corn enchiladas are excellent.  Executive Chef Geoff Alter went to Mexico to study tortilla making technique and has brought his secrets to the Costa Vida menu.  These corn tortillas are your atypical tortilla and not your abuellita’s corn tortilla.  These are finely ground tortillas that are dense and soft.  The butter honey shrimp tacos with delicious fresh mango is also worth a visit.

Need some spending cash on June 4th when you visit Costa Vida?  Comment on this story and tell us your favorite Mexican dish.  SLC Food Radar and Costa Vida are giving away 2 $25 gift cards that I will randomly select from the comments.  I’ll announce the winners on Facebook on June 3rd.


  1. Lisa /

    I love chips and guac! Also, chile rellenos has become a favorite of mine recently. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nord3stino /

    Costa Vida! The shredded steak burrito is always on point!

  3. Kinsey Cannon /

    Yummmmmmmm! 🙂

  4. Angela /

    Those drinks look so yummy!

  5. Alexis Skokos /

    Hyrum is the best!!!! Love Costa Vida Salads!

  6. In this season of divisive opinions, I am sure I may lose some friends over this. I have to say, overall, I like Costa Vida better than Cafe Rio. Their grilled chicken is delicious and their Agua Fresca was a refreshing surprise. I thought the salsas were diverse and quite tasty and both the corn tortillas as well as the flan were perhaps the best I had ever tasted.

  7. Sandra /

    I love costa vida enchilladas

  8. I love their sweet pork enchiladas! <3

  9. Hyrum Romrell /

    Angela and Nord3stino are the winners. Have fun eating delicious food!!

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