Chapulín was certainly one of the coolest restaurants I visited in Mexico City.  You walk up a winding flat pathway to a restaurant that is as well decorated as the food tastes good.  Even the restrooms are cool, there are rooms that seem to be hidden in the walls, everything was a great experience here.  Chapulín is located in the middle of the Intercontinental Hotel, where there are lots of cool shops and sculptures.  What does Chapulín mean in Spanish?  Grasshopper!  And you bet they serve them here too!





Chapulin with cheese and guacamole

Here you have a plate of chapulines.  It comes with cheese that resembles a yarn of fabric of some sort.  That cheese is typical down in Mexico City, and you actually see it in a number of different locations.  You can make your chapulín tacos complete with cheese, guacamole, salt, and salsa.  My colleagues from Mexico City love this dish.  I personally couldn’t get past what I was actually eating.  They were a little salty to me.


Light Up Menus





Sope con Ciervo Rojo was part of the appetizer menu.  When you come to Chapulín expect to find really well thought out and interesting items on the menu.  It was an adventure.


Esferas de Platano Frito

Wish this picture was a bit brighter, but platano frito is huge in Latin America, although I’ve never seen them done in such a way.  They were spectacular.



Fideo is a Mexico soup with pasta noodles.  This stuff was really good.  Warm and filling!


Tacos de Lechón

Of course the tacos de lechón were probably my personal favorite of the night.  Pork Belly tacos might make more sense for those that don’t speak Spanish, Chapulín does it right again here.  These were spectacular.

The dining experience at Chapulín was way cool.  The service was great, the food and drinks were all unique and well prepared.  All this in a very cool space.  Consider staying at this hotel if you are in Mexico City.  Polanco is the cities gastronomic center, and Chapulín is a great choice.

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