Mexico City may just be one of the best food cities in the entire world.  Mexican food in general is delicious, but turns out the Mexicans actually do it better than the rest of us.  On my first night in Mexico, I had the privilege of meeting up with one of my clients and their spouse for dinner and some sight-seeing.  They asked me what I wanted to eat, and of course being my first time in Mexico City, I wanted something traditional.  Porfirios is in the Polanco area, which is one of the nicest areas in Mexico City with lots of culinary choices.  Porfirios isn’t the best restaurant in Mexico City by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want the full Mexican experience, complete with horchata, churros, the mariachi, and Mexican ambiance, then this is a good choice.



Started out with my favorite drink of all time which just happens to be a Mexican drink. Horchata is made from rice, sugar, and milk, and it’s just like drinking milk out of a cereal bowl once you finish your Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Now I hate do this, I really do because it is so cliché and I tend to get myself into trouble making these statements, but I have to say that this horchata might just be the best I’ve ever had.  When you order here they don’t just bring out one glass, they bring you out a pitcher, and then ladle your first cup for you.  Absolute heaven’s milk!


The food at Porfirios was really good.  Again, it’s not going to win any awards, but you really won’t get anything bad here.  They are solid across the menu.  I’ll go through and comment on each picture because I actually eat here twice in my two trips to D.F last year.


Carnitas de Pulpo

Grilled octopus with Mexican sides.  Everything to make a fantastic tasting taco comes along with it.


Mushroom tacos with creme


Chili Relleno


Chili En nogado

Chili En nogado is a traditional dish served during the Mexican independence month of September.  They have all the colors of the Mexican flag and are sweet tasting.  Very delish!


A meat rectangle

I don’t remember the name of this plate, as I didn’t order it.  It was some sort of thinly beat meat that was fried.


I don’t recall the name of these either, but don’t worry as they bring some out to every table once you finish.  They are paper thin cookies smashed together with some dulce de leche paste.  More of a pallet cleanser type item.


These flautas were great


Chicken Tortilla Soup

Presentation on this soup was on point.  You get the soup still in the pan along with the fixings.  Great flavor and texture, and I highly recommend.


Churro Cart

Finally this picture above is full of win.  They bring this mini churro cart to your table and set it right there in the middle where you can dip piping hot churros in your choice of sauces.  This picture tasted just as good as it looks.

Porfirios is a cool vibe, it was always packed and busy the both nights we were there.  A good place to have dinner with large groups too.

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