Cueva Carvajal


Cueva Carvajal

Cueva Carvajal was easily one of the highlights of my Mexico trip.  To eat here though, we had to take a 2 hour airplane trip north to Monterrey, one of the 3 biggest cities in Mexico. (along with D.F, and Guadalajara)  Monterrey was a literal breath of fresh air, and reminded me a lot about Utah actually.  The city has a mountain range that runs along side of it much like Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front.  The traffic is much more bearable as well.  For dinner we went to Cueva Carvajal which was my friends recommendation.  It was located right by a main Monterrey highway which had a substantial median between both directional lanes where people jogged, played, or walked their pets.  Definitely a cool vibe to this area of Monterrey.


Carne Seca

As a started we both ordered a plate of the carne seca, which was like a beef jerky, but a little dryer in texture.  With the fresh lime to squeeze over top, it was a dish that grew on me and fast.  I started slow, but we cleared that plate in no time.  Unique and delicious!


Costillas de Puerco

These ribs had a spicy element to them, but they were amazing.  Cooked up to perfection and lathered in BBQ sauce, Monterrey really gives their brothers to the North in Texas a run for their money.


Porkbelly Lollipops

Rule of thumb:  When you see the name “Porkbelly Lollipops” on a menu, you order it and don’t ask questions.  These things were PHENOMONAL, and yes they tasted every bit as good as they look.


Mac N’ Cheese

Not sure if I ever had this combination of cheeses in a Mac n Cheese with jamon serrano mixed throughout, it was top notch.  I love mac n’ cheese.  I order it every single time, and this was awesome.



Dulce de Leche

Finished off the meal like a boss with a crispy cake covered in dulce de leche and ice cream.  Cueva Carvajal is a MUST when you visit Monterrey.

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