Mercado Roma


Mercado Roma

Mercado Roma is a premium space in the Roma area of Mexico City jammed packed with high end food vendors.  I have seen something similar in London at Street Feasts at Dalston Yard, and to be honest, I don’t know why more cities don’t have this.  The closest thing that Salt Lake City has is when they have food truck gatherings.  This is not your average mall food court, this is much higher and better than that.  Mercado Roma is a happening place, when I went there it was packed, but it wasn’t overwhelming at the same time.  Here are a few of the things I tried.


Mexican Agua

Couldn’t tell you the name of this vendor but they had dozens of the traditional honey comb water coolers filled with different local Mexican flavors.  I didn’t try any but they it was a cool photo opportunity.


Delicious Tacos

When you spend 2 weeks in Mexico and eat close to 100 tacos, you tend to lose a few in the mix.  These I believe were sirloin tacos with a cilantro aioli on top.  These were some of the better tacos I tried in Mexico.


Quesadilla with blue corn tortilla



The grill




Keep in mind as of the posting of this story, the peso was about 15 pesos per dollar


Patatas Bravas


Lechona in Citris sauce


The best churros in Mexico City can be found here


Delicious calzone

You can taste multiple things and not spend a lot of money doing so.  I loved Mercado Roma both the flavors and the vibe.

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