Papa Doug’s Dogs

Papa Doug's Dogs

Papa Doug’s Dogs

I’m going to make it 3 straight food truck reviews, because that is how I like to roll.  Mid-80’s temperatures this week in Salt Lake City definitely has folks feeling happy and ready to get out into the sunshine.  There is just something American about walking up to a food cart or truck and ordering a nice dog with an array of toppings.  With that said, I was just doing my duty when I tried Papa Doug’s Dogs for the first time this week.

Papa Doug's Bratwurst

Papa Doug’s Bratwurst

You can choose a $4 dollar dog or a $5 dollar bratwurst from the menu.  All the toppings are free except for avocado and bacon which are $0.50 each additional.  I went with two different bratwurst pictured above, and tried to do distinct flavors on each one.

The one on the left I had them add their sauerkraut and bacon, and then top it off with some of the Papa Doug sauce which is a root beer based BBQ sauce.  There were some good sweet flavors to go along with the bacon and kraut.  The strip of bacon was a little sad, but at $0.50 I didn’t mind too much.  The sauce was really flavorful, and I enjoyed the sauerkraut.  What stood out to me was the quality and size of the brat.  The brat was both thick and long with at least an inch coming out of each side.  I initially ordered 2 brats just in case 1 brat wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy my hunger.  I ended up eating one and a half brats and was completely stuffed.  Great value on the brats.

The second dog I went with some cilantro mayo and celery salt.  I only made it half way through before I couldn’t take another bite.  This brat was also really good, but I would probably go with anything with the Papa Doug’s BBQ sauce next time.  They also had a sriracha mayo option which I didn’t try.

Papa Doug’s is set up with a Square cash type system so they do take cards, and there is no added tax to his menu.  Just two really big brats for $10 bucks unless you add premium toppings.  Seems about right to me considering the size and quality of the food.  I would definitely choose Doug’s again as a stand alone food truck.  If you throw them in with other SLC food truck kings like Cupbop or FatKid then the choice becomes much more difficult.


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