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Fat Kid Mac N Cheese

I’ve been waiting for this food truck my entire life.  I treat mac n cheese with reverence, it has played a huge part of my culinary life.  Growing up, the Kraft Mac N Cheese got me through most after school afternoons.  I wouldn’t even bother pouring it into a bowl.  All I had to do was take the nuclear orange gold powder and combine it with some milk and butter to make the perfect, cheap, after-school liquid gold snack.  Eating it straight out of the pot, while sitting on the couch watching Saved by the Bell, it didn’t get much better than that.

As I’ve grown older, I didn’t forsake my food soul mate.  I don’t recall ever a time when I’ve come across mac and cheese on a menu, and did not order it.  It can be a side dish, a main dish, or even a key ingredient like on top of a burger, it really doesn’t matter.  You stick the words “Mac” and “Cheese” in front of me, or any variation of the like, I’m going to be ordering it.

That is the genius behind the new Fat Kid Mac n Cheese truck that has now popped in the Salt Lake City food truck scene.  They take the ultimate comfort food, food that resonates so deeply with all of their customers, and they take on the words Fat Kid in front, and there you have it.  “Fat Kid Mac n Cheese” is probably the best title I’ve heard in years for a food establishment.

Fat Kid Mac N Cheese at Food Cart Thursdays at Gallivan

Fat Kid Mac N Cheese at Food Cart Thursdays at Gallivan

I went there with a colleague for opening day of food truck Thursdays at Gallivan center.  It was a beautiful Spring day.  The weather was awesome, I had a cold can of Mt. Dew in my hand, I was checking baseball scores on my phone, I was about to have me some Mac n Cheese.  Not even the 40 minute wait in line could dampen my mood.

The menu

The menu

Just like Jerry Maguire had Dorothy at “Hello”, the phrase Fat Kid had me at was “8 luxurious cheeses”.  They give you 4 menu choices with the North Temple and Liberty Park being the best sellers.  My friend and I went with those choices.

Liberty Park

North Temple

The name North Temple here was appropriate, because eating this was a religious experience.  Let me start of by describing the weight of the box it came in.  You know how you can immediately judge something by how much it weighs?  Like a good putter, or a hammer, you can feel the construction and quality by how it feels in your hand.  Right when I was handed this box, I immediately knew I was going to love it.  I was trying to keep a level head, and not have my love for this food be a self-fulfilling prophesy.  I was already sold by the name and the fact it was mac and cheese.  I just wanted it to be as spectacular in my mouth as it was in my mind.

Shut the front door!

This Mac was legit bomb dot freaking com.  The ratio of topping to mac and cheese was perfect.  I dug right into my box, brought up some under mac and cheese and mixed it up with my toppings and found it to be lovely and of good report.  Mixing up the rest of my box, I immediately started to devour it, only resting to take down some cold Mt. Dew.  It’s glory really defies all description here.  It was the ultimate comfort.  Even as I was getting to the bottom of the box, and starting to feel the effects of getting full, I had to ignore all please to stop by my stomach.  My mouth was having way to much fun.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park

Even as I was enjoying my plate, I couldn’t help but also envy my friend’s Liberty Park that was filled with BBQ sauce, chicken, and potato chip and parmesan crunchies.  Every great Mac n Cheese has to have both a flavor as well as a texture element to cut through the creamy flavor.  Even with 8 luxurious cheeses, you must have it.  The BBQ sauce added a good tangy element to the creaminess, and the crunchies added a good texture element.

If Fat N Cheese were a rock and roll band, consider me the first volunteer to be a roadie.  I would be willing to follow this truck around town every day in my blue Honda Accord, until I resemble the Fat Kid Big Boy from their food truck.  If you are going to eat comfort food and the calories, you might as well be happy doing so.  Fat Kid Mac N Cheese makes me very happy, and I don’t mind spreading the joy to others.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and visit their website here.


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