Rich’s Burgers

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Mac and Cheese Burger

Mac and Cheese Burger

Finally tried out Rich’s Burgers in what has become a true foodie hub part of town on 30 E Broadway.  Rich’s is open for lunch and has a gourmet burger menu along with a daily burger of the day special.

Rich's Burgers Menu

Rich’s Burgers Menu

I went with the Mac & Cheese burger along with some green chile cheese fries.  Let me start with the burger.  Each individual component of the burger was tasty.  The Mac & Cheese patty was done pretty well, as was the burger along with the cold crisp veggies.  I’m not sure however if this was a case where 2+2=4.  I would have preferred to have the Mac&Cheese separate, as the fact it acted as the “cheese” portion of the cheese burger, you somehow lost the flavor and texture of the Mac & Cheese.  It was good, but not overwhelmingly good.

The fries came smothered in a cheese and green chile sauce.  This also was pretty decent, however I found myself enjoying much more the Rich’s Burger fry sauce which I found to be excellent.

Service was fast and decent.  Staff was attentive.  Prices weren’t too bad.  I’d go back again if close and hungry.  A lot of really good options around for lunch however.  Rich’s is worth a visit if you have not been there.  Repeat business is the question.

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