New Restaurant Bingo

New Restaurant Bingo

Most food critics use a sort of checklist when they go into a restaurant for the first time, and it’s a great way to speed through the process of analyzing each and every aspect of the restaurant being reviewed. While it’s effective, it’s not very fun, and it turns reviewing a restaurant into a repetitive chore.

But that’s not what reviewing restaurants is about. Instead, we propose playing a game of New Restaurant Bingo. Bingo is a great way to add a twist to tasks that have become repetitive, and Free Bingo Hunter even reports that some operators have seen it fit to use the game to promote good causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness. Variations of the game have also been used to promote healthy eating in the UK.

New Restaurant Bingo was first proposed by as an easy way to determine which of the new restaurants in your area actually stand out, and which elements are just being repeated throughout these restaurants. It’s a great way to pick out the trends in restaurants, and an easy way to make the trip to a new restaurant more enjoyable for you and your family. Here’s the sample bingo card from FoodRiot:


What’s great about this game is that you can customize your card as you go along. As you spot more trends in the restaurants in your area, replace some of the items on the card. It’d be interesting to see which restaurants seem to just offer the same thing, both in terms of décor and food, and which seem to build upon a new idea entirely. This allows for those restaurants that are truly unique to stand out, and turns reviewing restaurants into a fun game that you can play with friends. Print out several sets of cards and give one each to whoever’s joining you for dinner, and see who can make a pattern on their cards first. The winner of the game doesn’t necessarily have to shout “BINGO!”, but they might want to when they find out that the prize for winning the game is that they get to eat for free.

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