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Found a fantastic place in Draper for sushi, right at Wasabi just off of 12300 South.  Finding it can be a bit of a tricky due to that horrible mess that is the intersection of State and 12300.  If you have ever driven by Goodwood BBQ, Wasabi is just behind it due North.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday nights they run sushi specials where you can get specialty rolls at 50% off.  Here is a snapshot of the special sushi menu on those days:


We showed up as a group of 12 people, and was impressed with how quickly Wasabi was able to get our order in, and get sushi out to our tables.  Some of us were in a hurry to get to a softball game, so the speedy service was much appreciated.  On a side note, I wouldn’t recommend trying to play softball in 90 degree heat just after stuffing yourself with sushi!

From left to right:  Sunset and Crunch Spicy Tuna

From left to right: Sunset and Crunch Spicy Tuna

All of the rolls I sampled were very well done.  Here above we tried the sunset and the crunch spicy tuna.  I love the lemon combined with the salmon on the sunset roll.  The crunch spicy tuna combined all the great flavor of a spicy tuna roll, with just the right amount of crunch.

Tempura Volcano and Playboy

Tempura Volcano and Playboy

The tempura volcano was my favorite.  It was a tuna and salmon roll that was tempura fried and had one of my favorites, the eel sauce on top.  Yummy!

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Finally we had the TNT roll, which was served hot in a tin foil.  The TNT had some tempura shrimp in it, which it really good for sushi beginners and seasoned veterans alike.  It’s a good starter roll for those new to sushi.

I really recommend trying them out on a Tuesday or Wednesday night for their special prices.  Wasabi also has a menu of classic Japanese entrees from teriyaki dishes to udon and ramen noodles, and more.  The entire dining experience was fantastic.  My co-workers and I will definitely be back.

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