Rubadue’s Saucey Skillet

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Rubadue's Saucy Skillet Truck

Rubadue’s Saucy Skillet Truck

It is a great day when the company you work for brings in a food truck to park in front of your office building, and then gives you carte blanche to go down and get as much as you want.  Summer is a beautiful thing, and so are beef and chicken sliders.  Rubadue brought his skillet, his saucy skillet to me this week, and I did indulge in his yummy food.

Yesterday was 4th of July, and I took my family to watch the fireworks at Sugarhouse Park.  Not only were there dozens of food trucks parked in the middle of the park next to the live music, but where we parked our car just off 11th East in Sugarhouse, there was a plaza where food trucks gather every Monday from 6 PM to 9 PM.  I don’t know what it is about food trucks I like so much.  Maybe it is just being able to walk up somewhere and then walk away with hot food, without the hassle of seating, waiters, etc.  It’s my goal this summer to try as many food trucks as possible, so here goes my official first food truck review this year.

Sauce selection

Sauce selection

As my colleagues and I were enjoying our sliders, one of my co-works said that the only thing they would change, was to maybe have the sliders prepared with more sauce.  I disagreed here.  I like my barbecued meats to be dry-rub prepared, seasoned, but served in a way, where it allows me, the eater, to be in control of how much sauce I put on my plate.  Some people like more sauce than others.  Rubadue didn’t put out a ton of options here, but I did enjoy the Snap Daddy’s Original they put out, it was something that I had heard about on the radio, but had not seen out on the streets or stores yet.

Combo plate.... with a brownie!

Combo plate…. with a brownie!

I went with the combo which was two sliders of both beef and chicken, along with fresh fruit and pasta salad.  Mr. Rubadue even asked me if I wanted a brownie.  The question really took me back as I stood there in silence with a dumb look on my face.  Out of all the questions in the world, “Would you like a brownie with that?” has to be one of the all-time easiest questions to answer.  “Yes of course, I’d like a brownie!”

If food trucks are synonymous with summer, this plate was as well.  The fresh fruit was chilled and delicious, the pasta salad was like, and mixed with some tasty vinaigrette.  I really liked both side options as they were good compliments to the sliders.  The sliders themselves won on 2 different fronts.  First of all, the buns were excellent.  They were not too large, and chewy, drowning out the taste of the meat.  They were just right.  The meat from the chicken and beef were both top-notch.  The beef was a stewed beef, I wondered how easy it would be the chew, but it wasn’t at all.  The beef was tender, and seasoned just right, as was the chicken.  The brownie had a touch of mint to it, and was tasty as all brownies should be.

I noticed on the side of Rubadue’s truck that in addition to catering and food truck-ing, they also offer cooking classes.  You can read more about the company, their cooking classes, and where their truck is going to be by visiting their website.


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  1. This just plain looks delicious. I was so glad that this is in Salt Lake. Thank you for letting us know of this truck.


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