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Moki's Hawaiian Grill

Moki’s Hawaiian Grill

I see these guys on Groupon and KSL Deals quite a bit, and fresh off a recent review of a competitor in West Valley, L & L Barbecue, it was a good time to do a review and comparison of Moki’s in Taylorsville.  Sorry L & L Barbecue in WVC, and Lanikai Grill in South Jordan… Moki’s beats both of you.  Before I crown it king of the Hawaiian grills in SLC though, I still need to try Mo’ Bettah Steaks.

Moki’s has a few things that L & L didn’t have.  For starters, the decoration and ambiance inside is much better.  Secondly, L&L offers a better dessert menu, better side salads, better meat quality,  and they have Hawaiian shaved ice, which is always fantastic, especially in the summer months.

Two Meat Plate w/ Spinach side salad

Two meat plate with spinach side salad

Here I went with the two meat combo which came with rice and my choice of side salad.  My first choice for the side salad was not going to be the spinach.  When I was a young boy, I was eternally scarred for life when my dad made me eat canned spinach.  I detested spinach for the longest time, not even Popeye the sailor man could make me eat it.  Eventually, however, I learned that the canned stuff is the only spinach that is gross.  Fresh spinach when done right in soups and salads can be quite delicious.  I went with the spinach salad, and I have to tell you, it absolutely blew me away.  I let my wife have a taste which was a mistake, because between the both of us, the salad was the first thing off the plate to be finished.  It was tossed in a tasty vinaigrette and bacon.  There you have it, bacon makes everything taste better … go figure.

The meat was really well done too.  The chicken was tasty and juicy.  I found the kalua pork to be slightly fatty in parts.  With that said, I had more of a problem with the cut of pork than I did with the cooking and flavor.  I just simply discarded the fatty portions and ate the rest just fine.

The rice off first glance, didn’t impress me that much.  It was one huge round scoop that didn’t fall apart when I prodded it with a fork.  It was definitely a “sticky” rice if that is what they were going for.  I wouldn’t normally care too much for this style of rice, yet the teriyaki sauce that came at each table was really good when I doused the rice with it.  The sauce gave it that extra element of flavor and a sweet taste as well.  I’m not a fan of putting soy sauce on my rice, because I don’t like things overly salty, the teriyaki sauce was a nice garnishment for not only the rice, but the meat as well.

Beef and Chicken w/ Hawaiian Salad

Beef and Chicken w/ Hawaiian Salad

We also got a second two-meat plate but this time with beef and chicken.  The beef was really yummy.  I didn’t find any of it to be dry at all which was a plus.  The salad pictured was another one of the side salad choices, the Hawaiian salad.  It was fantastic!  Moki’s Hawaiian Grill wins based on the side salads alone.  We didn’t try the macaroni salad, and after trying the Hawaiian and spinach options, probably never will.

Grandmas macadamia chocolate cake

Grandmas macadamia chocolate cake

Yes I went with a dessert, and yes it was phenomenal.  It reminded me of a well put together “better than sex” cake.  The chocolate cake was moist, and the caramel drizzled on top of it gave it that gooey texture too.  I liked how the ice cream was macadamia flavored and not the run of the mill vanilla.  The dessert seemed extremely simple and straight forward, yet satisfied completely.

Moki’s is a good choice to visit due to the quality of food, and the constant advertisements on half-off sites like KSL and Groupon.  You can get a couple of two-meat plates and two medium drinks all for under $15 bucks which is a fantastic deal, you will leave stuffed and extremely satisfied.


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