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L&L in West Valley

L&L in West Valley

Brand new last month in West Valley City, Utah off of 5600 West is L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.  I’ve been here two times for takeaway so far, and I have mixed feelings.  I’ve had a dish that I really love, and one I really did not at all.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a local place starting up.  Actually upon further review, L&L is in 4 countries, 11 states with over 175 different stores.  Let’s take a peek inside.

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The Hawaiian BBQ Mix

The Hawaiian BBQ Mix

I went with the Hawaiian BBQ mix.  My first impressions were “Wow that’s a lot of meat!”  L&L doesn’t cheat you with the portions.  The combo comes with beef, chicken, and pork ribs.  My favorite of the three was the beef.  I loved the how it was marinated and thinly sliced.  The pork ribs were also very well prepared.  The chicken I would have given 1st prize to for the taste, but on the back side of the chicken slice, there was a huge piece of fatty skin.  I was able to easily remove it and cast it aside, but not before I took a huge bite of it.  The rest of the chicken was fantastic.  Also in the dish were two huge scoops of rice and big scoop of pasta salad.  I enjoyed both the sides quite well.

If you go with this dish, make sure you ask them for a side of their barbecue sauce, the sauce was unusual but fantastic.  Thinking about it some more, it was actually more of a teriyaki sauce, I believe that L&L calls it their Katsu sauce.

Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu

On a later take out trip I went with the Chicken Katsu.  Again, I was pleased with the aroma and size of the portions with this dish, but somewhat disappointed with the end result.  The breading that was fried, was extremely thick and drowned out the taste of the chicken.  A little less katsu and more actual chicken would have been a good thing here.  Not even the Katsu sauce completely turned this around.

So come hungry and leave full and several pounds heavier.  I’ll probably keep coming back to L&L.  The menu had enough variety and my first dish was good enough to merit some return trips.  I’m actually curious now to try some other Hawaiian Barbecue joints in the valley so I can have something to compare this to.  If anyone has some good suggestions let me know.

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  1. Todd /

    This place is terrible. I love L&L but man I think management not doing a very good job. The bbq is not very good the chicken has no flavor and the taste is gone. I always love l&l but Im never going back to this west valley location. TERRIBLE.


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