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Bachi Burger

Bachi Burger

I’m very excited to write-up this review on Bachi Burger.  About 6 months ago I saw it featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and ever since then I have wanted to visit them.  Guy Fieri and I share something in common, we both love food.  I mean have you ever watched an episode of Triple D and not seen Guy absolutely love something he tried?  With that said my expectations were about as high as they go with Bachi Burger.  Everything I’m going to write here, they absolutely earned.  Bachi Burger was the food highlight of my family’s Vegas trip, with nothing even close to it.

I’ve thought of dozens of different scales when it comes to rating restaurants.  I’ve whittled it down to 3 different types.  The first type is simply the restaurant that you didn’t care for.  Odds are you won’t be back.  The second is the restaurant that was good, but you forget about it about 15 minutes after you leave.  It’s just kinda so-so.  Bachi Burger is in that upper class of restaurant that will haunt your dreams for weeks to come.  Every time in the ensuing weeks when you get hungry and think to yourself “What do I want to eat?”, it is always the first thing that comes to your mind.  It is the restaurant that you want to tell everyone about.

It was a Sunday afternoon and we were just a few hours from heading back to Utah and at 10:30 AM Bachi Burger was not quite open yet.  25 minutes of driving aimlessly around residential Las Vegas we returned to find about 20 people waiting in line.  It kinda sucked because when we left, no one was there, but at the same time kinda exciting, because if that many people were in line to eat there, that usually is a good sign.



So the idea behind Bachi Burger is they take unique Asian flavors and incorporate it into the burger.  I enjoy trying unique ingredients on my burgers so this place was definitely the way to go.

Strawberry Lemonade

Momotaro White Peach & Strawberry

Bachi has tons of beverage options.  Dining with a family with children I appreciated the non-alcoholic options.  They had an amazing strawberry lemonade, but also had a Cherry Yuzu soda, an apple lychee soda, and a Mandarin Orange Tangerine soda.  The $4 price tag for the drink was a bit steep and they did not come with refills.  Luckily the staff at Bachi did a good job of keeping our water topped off.

Oxtail Chili Fries

Oxtail Chili Fries

There are several different fries and appetizer options you can choose from, but whatever you do, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not ordering the oxtail chili fries.  These are easily the best chili fries I’ve ever tasted.  The chili had good chunks of meat, but a sweetness at the same time.  The fries were awesome, the egg was a nice touch.  Everything was cooked to perfection, the dish itself was just so beautiful, I get excited just thinking about it.  All 5 of us loved these fries.  I was a bit concerned that we would get full of them and not have room for our burgers, but it was a silly worry.  These oxtail fries were a revelation.

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Kimchi Burger

Spicy Miso Burger

My wife went with the Spicy Miso Burger.  Angus beef, onions, Shishito Pepper, Mayo, Lettuce, Roasted Garlic, Swiss Cheese, Fried Egg, and Apple Vinaigrette make this sandwich a mouth full, but because my wife is awesome, she had them add some avocado for good measure.  She let me tried a bite, and I almost leaped over the table to rip it out of her tiny hands.  Amazing with a capital A.

Bahn Mi Burger

Bahn Mi Burger

My burger was the love child of a cheeseburger and the Bahn Mi Sandwich.  Beef, pork, and shrimp patty with lemongrass, pork pate, fresh herbs, curry aioli, pickled veggies, and nuoc mam sauce.  This burger was also amazing.  I’ve had some really good bahn mi sandwiches before, and I love the bahn mi.  The only thing I got worried about is when the waitress said it came with a fish sauce.  The sauce didn’t give the burger a fishy taste at all, in fact it enhanced the flavor beautifully.


Salted Caramel Shake

We were all so stuffed by the end of our meal, I don’t we could have possibly made room for dessert.  PSYCH!  Salted Caramel shake to go baby!  This shake was out-of-bounds good.  Of the 6 hours driving back to Utah, at least 2 of those hours were spent of the entire van talking about how awesome Bachi Burger was.  If you are going to Vegas, you may already be taking some risks, but not going to Bachi Burger shouldn’t be one of them.

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