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Nuch's Pizzeria

Nuch’s Pizzeria

It was my second attempt to visit Nuch’s and try their pizza.  The first time was after I had lost a ping-pong match to a co-worker (pictured above) and owed him lunch.  Unfortunately I had no idea that Nuch’s isn’t open on Monday’s, so for my readers out there, keep that in mind.  However, you know the ole saying that good things come to those that wait?  Well it certainly applies here.  I really don’t want you to take my word for it though, I want everyone to try Nuch’s Pizza for themselves.  I’ve been criticized in the past for pretty much liking everything I eat.  It is true I’m a lover of a lot of different types of food, pizza included.  Nuch’s is just in a class by itself here.  I’m not going to come out and say its my favorite SLC pizza, but it is pretty darn close!

I visited Nuch’s during lunch time around 12:30 and didn’t have any problems getting a table right away.  In fact we were the first ones for the lunch time business, and only a few other groups came in after us.  Granted it was snowing pretty heavy outside, but lunch time at Nuchs seems very manageable.  I can’t speak for dinner time.

The restaurant itself was very clean and nice.  There wasn’t a lot of parking outside, but then again the restaurant on the inside doesn’t have a ton of seating.  It reminded me in a way of Eva downtown in terms of dining room capacity.  The Cottonwood Heights / Millcreek area of Salt Lake seems to have a lot of good Italian choices.  I love Siragusas, Cucina Vanina, and Per Noir.  I have yet to try Luganos or Tuscany.  Nuch’s doesn’t seem to take a back seat to any of the places I’ve been to.  You won’t find a microwave or freezer in the restaurant.  They make their stuff fresh and in-house.

Okay so now for the pizza we tried.  We went with the Ultimate White and the New Haven.

The Ultimate White

The Ultimate White

The ultimate is made of house made ricotta, fresh garlic, prosciutto, mozzarella, romano cheese, and fresh arugula.

This pizza was out-of-bounds of good.

I don’t know how they made the ricotta, fluffy clouds mixed with the tears of my enemies?  It was phenomenal!  The arugula worked with everything.  The crust at Nuch’s Pizzeria is so good!  All three at our table were in agreement.  This pizza was off the hook.

The New Haven

The New Haven

The New Haven was a different sort of beast, it was definitely not like any pizza I’ve tasted before.  It has Yukon gold potatoes with roasted garlic, bacon, and asparagus.  This pizza, while definitely very good, did not blow me away like the ultimate white did.  I think the reason why was the mashed potatoes.  Being an Idaho kid, I love mashed potatoes, but you must have something to give them a bit of a zip when you mix potatoes with cheese.  The pizza was savory and hearty, but there I felt it was missing a fourth flavor in there somewhere.

One thing I find funny about pizza enthusiast, is if the pizza doesn’t subscribe to a certain philosophy, then they find it to be sub-par or “wrong”.  For example, NYC style pizza lovers turn up their nose at Chicago style pizza lovers and vice versa.  Well guess what guys?  None of those styles were even the original style.  When I try pizza, I try to judge it by the flavor, pizza doesn’t have to belong to a certain class to be delicious.  With that said, I don’t know where Nuch’s falls.  If you like places like Pizzeria Limone, Settebello, or Flatbread Neapolitan, then you are probably going to really enjoy this pizza.

Go give it a try, and if you are already a fan of Nuch’s leave your thoughts or reasons why you love it in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you.



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