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The crown jewel, and the cliché of clichés is the New Year’s Resolution of wanting to lose weight and eat healthier.  I have to admit that I had the same fleeting thought run through my mind this year.  I’ve been doing a lot more cooking at home, and when I eat my self prepared food it is with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  I recently read an article of a study done on fast food, and they displayed a picture of fries done fresh from a real potato right next to a cup of McDonald’s fries.  The jar was kept for 7 years, and the real potato was barely recognizable, all covered with mold and different colors.  The scary part of this is the McDonald’s fries looked….the exact same as if they have not changed one bit.  The same thing was done with a hamburger from a different fast food chain, even after 15 years it looked like you could pick it up and eat it.  What is this stuff we are eating?  Some of this food is so loaded up on preservatives, does it really have any nutritional value at all, or any good use other than filling our stomachs for a few hours?

Roots Cafe may be the antithesis of embalmed fast food made from crap.  They serve locally sourced, fresh, tasty breakfast and lunch meals along with an assortment of fresh smoothies and coffee products.

I found it to be somewhat tricky to figure out the entrance.

I found it to be somewhat tricky to figure out the entrance.

I approached Roots Cafe from the North, and saw the sign on the North side of the building.  Directly connected to the South of the Cafe is a merchandise store, so I assumed that the doorway south of the Cafe was to this store.  I kept walking and quickly had to double back, because the main door on the East of the building does indeed service both businesses.  The funny thing about this story is while I was enjoying my lunch I overheard a conversation between two employees of how people make that same mistake all the time.

Huckleberry soda

Huckleberry soda

Thinking I might as well drink healthier, but wanting something else other than just water, I asked if they had any diet sodas.  Actually Roots doesn’t serve any Coke products.  My waitress instead showed me their selection of Jackson Hole soda’s which she claimed to be healthier.  I’m a sucker for something different especially when it comes in a cool bottle so I went for it.  The huckleberry soda was actually pretty good.

Daily Grilled Cheese and Soup

Daily Grilled Cheese and Soup

So here was my humble little meal.  Roots has a daily grilled cheese, and upon asking I was told it was a grilled mushroom and spinach grilled cheese.  Sign me up!  The immediate next question once I asked about the grilled cheese, naturally is what soup I could eat with it.  They had this carrot, ginger, and pear soup.  Really?  In all my life I’ve never heard of such a combination, so I went with it.

I’ll give both dishes an 8/10.  The bread was fresh,and there was a bounteous amount of mushroom, spinach, and parmesan in my sandwich.  It was really good.  The soup, as I might have guessed had just a really unique, fresh flavor to it.  At home I’ve been making a lot of cream based soups, so I took an interest to this carrot soup as it was clearly not cream based.  The ginger came through enough to give it a kick, but wasn’t overpowering.  I thought the sandwich dipped well in the soup and was overall very pleased with the meal.

My soda, sandwich, and soup came out to be $12 bucks.  Again, if you can find a lunch for much, much cheaper elsewhere in Salt Lake, but you might be hard pressed to find a place that focuses on healthy fresh ingredients that are locally sourced close to Utah.  I don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for quality, especially knowing that my sandwich won’t appear in a food museum looking exactly the same 15 years from now.

I’ll be back to Roots, probably to try their breakfast menu.  I just missed the cutoff, but I read through the menu, and it looked excellent.

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