Trish’s Mini Donuts

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Trish’s Mini Donuts

There are times in life that you walk by a place, and you have no choice but stopping there.  This was definitely one of those times.  Never mind the fact I was in the Bay Area on business and walking down San Francisco’s Pier 39, but when I saw the huge sign advertising “Mini Donuts”, I honestly can’t think of anything more enticing.  There are other quick service snacks that are a dime a dozen.  You can get cookies at any mall or shopping center, and in the last 5 years or so, a definite cupcake crave has crept up in America.  But honestly how many times have you walked by a mini donut vendor?  You can maybe get fried calories at your local state fair, but certainly not year round like you can at Trish’s


little golden donuts

The donuts are made fresh to order and you can order them in several type sizes.  I went with the bag of donuts, and observed as the little magical assembly cranked out my little fried friends onto a prep sheet where the lady helping me took a plastic condiment bottle and squirted some sort of magic cinnamon sugar mixture all throughout the bag.

These donuts are an absolute marvelous work and wonder.  It’s a forgone conclusion and guarantee that you can’t eat just one.  Think of a hot Krispie Kreme right out of the oil, but less sugary and more fluffy.  I loved the doughy, fluffy consistency of these.  Walking down the pier holding a bag of these beauties, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.  I totally went into chipmunk mode, meaning, as one donut was going down my throat, a second was busy been chewed up in my mouth, and another donut was in my hand.  I had a little system going, and could hardly eat them fast enough.  Trish’s also serves some fresh squeezed lemonade to wet the mouth, and enable more mini-donut eating.

My only mistake and regret here was only going with the bag size of mini-donuts.  They have a larger bucket size that I will sure buy next time.

Trish’s is a magical San Francisco treasure.  I heard rumors of a few cool bridges there, and this former prison that is in the middle of the bay on some island, but the true tourist and foodie attraction here is Trish’s.  I’m really sad I live 10 hours away, and can’t have them for breakfast every day.

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