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Mac and Cheese

The normal flow of one of my reviews is starting out with a picture of the restaurant, then maybe a picture of two of the inside, then on to an appetizer, and finally the main course.  I’m going to go in reverse for this review, just because I was so excited about my entrée!  Mac and Cheese!

I’m not sure if this plate of mac and cheese could get any cheesier.  When my waiter brought it out to me, there were all sorts of bubbling cheeses everywhere, and the aroma was absolutely dynamite!  I visited Rick and Ann’s for dinner, I know they are really famous for their breakfast, but this plate was spectacular.  You can get the mac and cheese with either bacon or chicken.  I imagine the savory taste of the chicken would be good, but I like bacon or ham mixed in with my mac and cheese, so I went with that.  Absolute correct choice.


Split Pea Soup

My 5-year-old self  is absolutely rolling over in his grave right now.  I went with the split pea soup to have before my meal.  It was as spectacular as you can possibly get with peas, which I avoided like the plague when I was younger.  The soup was rich and hearty, and the baguette served with it was perfect for dipping.


The menu, and opening veggie plate


The entry way of Rick and Ann’s

Rick and Ann’s had a really nice family operation to it.  I got there shortly before 5 pm and they were still not opened for dinner.  The owner let me come in and wait inside, and it gave me a chance to go over the menu.  The dining room was country kitchen themed with wooden floors and tables, with checkered table cloths.  It gave me a feel that comfort food was on the way.


Rick and Ann’s

The restaurant itself is located in Berkeley, California.  There were a few things that struck this Salt Lake City resident as much different.  First of all, it was located right in front of a tennis club.  You don’t really see folks playing tennis in shorts over in Utah in November.  Also the back drop of the tennis club was a beautiful hotel The Coronado.  The all white building and architecture was stunning in the way it was lit up at night.  Nevermind the locals, if you are visiting the bay area from out-of-town, this was a beautiful little neck of the woods to visit.

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