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Think back to yourselves how many times you have made trips to the store in order to get one item, only to come back home with 3-4 different items, including things that you don’t really need?  (raises hand)  I’m a sucker for grabbing a candy bar or Mt. Dew from the check out lane, waiting to pay for my milk, or cereal, or whatever it is I was going to the store for.  And then there is that sinking feeling in your gut that you get every time you see the register light start to flash in front of you, because there is a problem.  It gives you even more time to stand there and stare and candy, soda, and treats.

Granted, this problem can’t really be avoided completely through the Winder Farms home delivery service, but it certainly helps eliminate the number of trips you are taking to the grocery store.  Plus you get great tasting, fresh, organic products from a local company that has been doing business in Utah for well over a century.

Award Winning Chocolate Milk

Award Winning Chocolate Milk

Winder isn’t just the milk man who leaves you fresh milk on your doorstep by 8 AM anymore.  I personally always have my milk delivered like clockwork ever Tuesday between 5:30 and 6:00 AM.  Even my dogs no longer bark their heads off at the Winder guy.  Winder is now a grocery store on wheels.  You can get dairy, baked goods, meal solutions, fruits and veggies, meat, eggs, you name it, and they probably have it.

I’ve found Winder milk to be some of the best I’ve ever had.  The chocolate milk is the stuff dreams are made of.  They have this milk sampler package that is one of my favorites, where you get strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and a specialty milk 16 oz bottle.  The specialty milk can be peach, root beer, banana, whatever Winder wants to create that month.  If you haven’t had a chance to taste their root beer milk, then you are really missing out.

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Winder Dairy Products

I’ve tried most of Winder’s dairy products at one point or another in my life, and they are always top-notch quality.  I like to use the heavy whipping cream to make alfredo sauce, just combine it with a little butter, garlic sauce, and pepper and you have delicious-ness.  The milk delivered by Winder comes in hard plastic or glass bottles.  After drinking your milk, you just put them back out on your porch, and the milkman takes them the following week and replaces them with fresh milk.  It’s a pretty easy to use system.

Another thing I like about Winder is the flexibility of the delivery system.  If you need to go on vacation, or maybe just need to skip a few deliveries, it is really easy to do so.  I’ve never had Winder call me or question why I skipped a few deliveries.  It is very easy and no fuss involved.

Their customer service is really good as well.  Most of the products I’ve tried with Winder have been great, but there was one time I tried something I didn’t care for.  I left a note for the milk man, and I had a credit on my account the next day.

As far as I know, Winder provides most of their stuff from their local farm, or if not they will source their food from local companies.  I’ve tried the tamales lots of time because they are awesome, and they are made by Rico Markets from downtown.  A lot of the meal solutions and things come from local companies.

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