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My Sugar's Donut Shop

My Sugar’s Donut Shop

There are some days when you wake up and think about a donut, and you get that thought in your mind that you need to have one, nothing is going to stop you.  This was one of those days for me, but it had to be a quality donut, and something that was on my way to work.  I didn’t have time to drift into Salt Lake to visit Banbury Cross.  Just a few days before I had driven by this donut shop while driving down Redwood Road so I made a mental note.  I usually have about 15-20 different places on my list of places I would like to try, but bakeries have a knack of getting pretty fast attention.  My Sugar Donut is right off the 201 freeway, and was fast and convenient for me to get that donut, that I needed so badly.

Donut Case

Donut Case

As you can clearly see here, the sun rises and sets on all donuts just the same.  Someone had to eat some of these, and that person might as well be me.  Upon initial glance, I saw that they had maple bars.  Okay they passed the Dummies Guide for Donuts test.  I went ahead and grabbed a few of those little beauties.  In addition I saw a special for a root beer float donut.  Uhm… sold.

My Donut Box

My Donut Box

This is what I got back to my car with.  3 root beer float donuts, 1 jelly filled, and 2 maple bars.  I threw them in my car and made my way to work.  One of the maple bars from the box never quite made it to the office however.   It wasn’t the best maple bar I’ve had in the valley, but it’s not like I had to shove it down either.  It was a step up from your standard grocery store donut.  I love maple bars and it didn’t disappoint.

I walked off the elevator and into my office with my box of donuts, feeling pretty good about myself and BAM!  There was a table set up next to the receptionist area with about 30 boxes of Banbury Cross donuts.  Oh the irony!  I admit it was pretty funny.  The root beer float donuts were the highlight.  They had a good rootbeerish glaze to them, and the creme in the middle was spectacular.  The jelly filled was ho-hum.  I ate it and then forgot about it a few minutes later.

This box of donuts cost me about $7 bucks.  I guess for a dedicated donut shop that was about right.  I guess I wish I could have spent a few less dollars, but that might just be a by-product of all the yummy donuts already waiting for me at the office.

My Sugar’s Donut Shop.  Nice little store.  Family run, there are even pictures of the kids on the wall as you look at the donuts.  I like the feel I’m getting while getting to support a local Utah business, while eating delicious donuts at the same time.  I’ll be back.  In preparation for the upcoming influx of Dunkin Donuts, it will be nice for locals to have a tastier alternative.

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