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Bake 360

All due respect to some of my favorite bakeries in Salt Lake City, bakeries like Tulie, Glaus, Gourmandise, and Les Madelines, but Bake 360 might just be my new favorite. ¬†Lately my wife has been a tougher food critic than myself, I think she forgets who the professional food eater is in the family. ūüôā ¬†But with Bake 360, the passion fruit creme koeing aman, according to her, was the best thing she has ever eaten. ¬†Even my picky kids were in heaven with their croissant and cinnamon apple tart. ¬†Here is my review on Bake 360 – 5 stars!

Turn back the clock 7-8 years ago, I somehow caught a whiff of motivation and lost about 50 pounds, going from 240 to 190. ¬†It was the lowest number I have hit in my adult life since my high school wrestling days in Centerville, Ohio where I somehow managed to wrestle in the 152 pound class. ¬†Once high school was over, I was off to college and on a steady diet of Root Beer and Macaroni and Cheese that I purchased with my plasma money twice a week. ¬†I quickly moved up over the Mendoza line (200 pounds) and never looked back. ¬†(Good Bye 32/32 pants) ¬†So I was sitting pretty at 190 pounds, and before I was a food blogger, and before I owned many leather-bound books and had a house that smelled of rich mahogany, my diet was ruined when I discovered McDonald’s double quarter pounder with cheese. ¬†Bye Bye 190 pounds. ¬†Now fast forward the clock to 2013. ¬†Again I went from 240 down to 210ish and was once again feeling pretty good about myself thanks to going through the Insanity program, and some dieting. ¬†Will Bake 360 be the coup de grace this time? ¬†Battle lines have now been drawn. ¬†My only advantage is Bake 360 is in Draper, and I live in West Valley. ¬†Otherwise I would already be fat and happy … and broke.

The Spread

The Spread

Bake 360 doesn’t just jam pack their display case with tons of everything. ¬†It’s like every pastry was a little life born into this world with the sole purpose to make someone happy. ¬†Last Saturday that person was me. ¬†Tiramisu, Cheesecake, croissants, tarts, cookies, cakes, brownies. ¬†They have everything. ¬†Check out some descriptions here.



I have to admit that the decision was pretty tough.  They all looked so good, but only a few could come home with me.  I went with a croissant for Luke, a cinnamon apple tart for Avery, and a creme horn, prosciutto and Gruyere cheese croissant, passion fruit koeing aman, and a cookie called a Shirley Bernhardt for Monica and I.

Where to even start?

To begin I want to say that there is an underlying theme with Bake 360, and that is when they give you a pastry, they really don’t skimp out on anything. ¬†I’ve had creme horns before but never with so much delicious creme inside. ¬†It was as if someone triple-dog dared them to put as much creme inside as humanly possible. ¬†Here was my little box after leaving the store:



First up the koeing aman filled with delicious passion fruit creme. ¬†My wife loves maracuya or passion fruit from her days in South America. ¬†This little pastry was soooo flaky and delicious, and the creme was amazing. ¬†The fine line you have to walk with the koeing aman is not to overcook them because then the flaky layers get too hard and it makes eating them even more of a hassle. ¬†This isn’t the type of pastry that you can just grab and eat on your way to work. ¬†Be prepared you will get messy. ¬†Maybe not quite as messy as Rock Biter from The Neverending Story, but pretty close.

Rock Biter

Rock Biter from The Neverending Story

In the movie when Rock Biter takes a bite of a rock, it seems that the rocks go everywhere other than his actual mouth. ¬†Koeing Aman isn’t quite that difficult to eat, but you WILL get flakes everywhere if you are not careful. ¬†The outer layers of pastry were perfect for dipping into the creme center. ¬†As mentioned before, the creme horn had a light waffle shell dipped in dark chocolate and was filled with lemon creme. ¬†It was then sprinkled with little crunchy chocolate balls. ¬†I probably got some of those descriptions wrong, but the idea was right. ¬†it was awesome. ¬†The Shirley Bernhardt was a marzipan cookie with whipped chocolate ganache with a raspberry inside, all on a cookie dipped in dark chocolate. ¬†While this was my least favorite item purchased from Bake 360, it was still leaps and bounds better than what you can find elsewhere.


Cinnamon Apple Croissant

This last pastry I got for my daughter. ¬†I took an initial bite, but then took another two quick bites before I handed it back to her. ¬†I really didn’t want to hand it back to her because it was delicious.

Bake 360 had a top-notch establishment all the way around (a 360- see what I did there?)  The staff and service was top-notch.  They were patient and answered all my questions about each of the pastries and what was in them.  The value was excellent.  You get what you pay for.  If you want to 2 apple pies for $1 go to McDonalds.  All 5 of my pastries came to about $17 bucks, but it was money well spent.  The restaurant itself was clean and presentable.  The only change I would make would be to maybe put in some fridges filled with water bottles and other beverages for people to get with their pastries, however this is something Bake 360 plans on adding in the near future.

I really can’t recommend this place enough. ¬†This is the best bakery I’ve been to this year. ¬†They have pastries if you are looking for a snack, or breakfast croissants with prosciutto and Gruyere cheese if you are looking for a meal. ¬†I believe they even offer quiches. ¬†Go here. ¬†Don’t even think twice about it. ¬†Seriously, Go here!




  1. smilingldsgirl /

    YUM! Bake 360 is so good. I love how all the employees are so well informed. They can tell you how everything is made, what the ingredients are, where they are from etc. My only problem is I do live in Draper. Tempting!

    • Hyrum Romrell /

      Yeah if I was in Draper, it would be all over for my budget! sooooo good.

  2. smilingldsgirl /

    I haven’t had the koeing aman with the passion fruit cream. Yum! For pastries the prices are really good. Its the calories that get me into trouble! However, if you are going to splurge it is the way to go.


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