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Mama's Plantation

Mama’s Plantation

Mama’s is located just off of Ft. Union in front of Wal-Mart and Pie Pizzeria, and right next door to Teriyaki Grill.  They don’t really have a sign that displays the name of the restaurant, just the neon sign that says “Catfish”.  It was just intriguing enough for me and a buddy to give it a try before heading to a movie.  I had recently had some delicious Southern food at a place in San Francisco so I had some high hopes for this place.

Dining Room

Dining Room

We were sat right next to a little curio cabinet with little ceramic figurines displayed on them.  The dining room itself made me feel like I was eating inside a doll-house.  It was a nice enough ambiance.  There were a few plasma T.V’s on the wall as well tuned into ESPN so they were doing it right.

Probably the most positive aspect of my experience there was the service.  We were treated really well by our waitress, and she was pretty entertaining as well.  There were some kids there that evening, that were running around, and she told them “No running in the plantation!”, which I had to admit made me chuckle.  When we asked about the menu, she was pretty helpful explaining everything on the menu, as well as the specials and her recommendations.  I went with the full combo which came with fried chicken, ribs, and catfish along with 2 sides.  We also got the option to choose between wheat toast and cornbread.  I went with the cornbread, and when she asked me if I wanted butter and honey on that I replied with a “What kind of question is that?” response, we shared a pretty good laugh about it.



The cornbread was brought out right away.  It was decent.  I’ve had worse cornbread, but I’ve definitely had better at this place.  When we first sat down, the restaurant was empty, but it actually filled up pretty quickly.  We were kinda short on time with the movie we were hoping to catch, and I was worried about how long it was going to take to prepare our food.  Turns out they were pretty quick on the service.

Full Combo - Ribs, Chicken, Catfish

Full Combo – Ribs, Chicken, Catfish

Before I review this main plate, I feel like I need to throw out some disclaimers.  I wasn’t very hungry when I sat down to eat.  I had just finished up a softball game a few hours early, and got my fill of street tacos right before the game.  With that said, I didn’t like this plate at all.  The price tag was a little steep at $18.75, which I don’t mind paying as long as the food is really good.  Let’s start with the ribs.  The sauce had a good flavor to it, but there was little meat on the bone, and there wasn’t much that was special about them.  The chicken was waaaaay  over cooked.  Wasn’t juicy at all, it tasted like it came from Wal-Mart across the street.  The catfish was dry and I didn’t care for it.  I really like fish too, but this didn’t do it for me.  It could have been an off night for the cook, or maybe I didn’t order the right things, who knows?

Fried Okra

Fried Okra

One of my side dishes was the fried okra.  They were decent.  They would have been much better with some sort of dipping sauce.  I ended up dipping them in the barbecue sauce from my ribs.  I had ordered some mac and cheese as my other side, but it never came out which made me really sad.

Overall because we were entertained, and the service was good, I don’t feel my visit was a complete loss, but I probably won’t be back.

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