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Fritter Friday

Fritter Friday (Fresh Donut Fritter bottom left)

Last Friday was National Donut Day around the country.  You gotta love it when you are trying to lose some weight, and come into the office only to find your desk filled with fritters.  It was fritter Friday with the account relationship management team, and as resident food critic, it was my duty to sample each fritter.  My contribution to this lovely bunch came from Fresh Donut & Deli in South Salt Lake City.  My first choice would have been to go with Banbury Cross, but that was already taken by a co-worker.  After doing some research, I found that the fritters at Fresh Donut were highly rated.  I decided to give them a try.

The apple fritter is an interesting donut.  Texture is just as important as taste.  Many of the fritters we sampled were very doughy in texture, so they might as well have been another donut.  The thing that I loved about Fresh’s fritters was that they had a nice fried crunch to the outside, but were still doughy on the inside.  They were fantastic and easily one of the best fritters.  The below chart was the final voting results.

Favorite Fritters

Favorite Fritters

Fresh Donut actually beat out Banbury Cross, but lost in a landslide to Provo Bakery.  I guess this means I’ll have to take a drive down to Provo to further taste their wares.  For those that aren’t in the mood to drive that far, especially with this summer’s gas prices going way high, go ahead and give Fresh Donut & Deli a try.

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