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Iggy's Draper Utah

Iggy’s Draper, Utah

In honor of baseball season starting soon, I wanted to throw out a few choices for sports bars in the Salt Lake Area.  There are quite a few places that are bars who happen to have some T.V’s set up, and then there are others that are have a distinctive “sporty” feel to them.  Some of my favorites are Copper Creek in West Valley and Maxwell‘s downtown.  Both are excellent choices.  I want to add Iggy’s to this list.  If I wanted to just go out and grab a meal just based on the food alone, then I might not choose these guys.  But if I want a fun atmosphere to watch a game, where I can get some good tasting “finger” food, then this place is great.  That really is the goal of a sports bar.  They want to give you a fun atmosphere where there are tons of T.V’s, good finger food, and a wide assortment of drinks.

Iggy's bread and dipping sauce

Iggy’s Bread and Dipping Sauce

One thing I really like about Iggy’s is the dipping sauce that comes with the bread loaves.  It is definitely unique which I appreciate.  It is somewhat spicy, and sweet, and goes well with the fresh bread.  I would even say there is somewhat of an orange flavor to it.

Tin Can Lid

Tin Can Lid

If you have a group of people you are watching the game with, I would definitely recommend getting the tin can lid of appetizers.  The highlight of the lid in my opinion are the fried chicken balls.  Iggy’s provides you with three different dipping sauces for the various bite size eats found here.

meatloaf with cheese fries

Meatloaf with cheese fries

I found the meatloaf to be very tasty.  I love eating it with the mashed potatoes.  I would also strongly recommend upgrading your regular fries to the cheese fries.  Iggy’s has a solid offering of cheese covered fries, and will give you some fry sauce to complete the entrée.

Cheese Steak Sandwich

Cheese Steak Sandwich

Probably the best things on the Iggy’s menu are the burgers and appetizers, yet pictured above is a steak sandwich that a work colleague of ours ordered who was visiting from out-of-town.  He said he loved it.

Iggy’s has a large selection of pizzas, including a deep dish Chicago style pizza, but I would recommend going with a burger and appetizer for your first time, as that is what they do really well.

Iggy's Dining Room Big Screen T.V

Iggy’s Dining Room

Iggy’s is a solid choice for game day.  It is not my favorite sports bar in Salt Lake, but has a few unique menu items that are well done, and provides a fun atmosphere for game day.  I believe it is worth a visit.

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